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Dec. 15th, 2009

So the puppy turns one the Sunday after Christmas. I think we'll have some sort of event for her, as she'll end up throwing her own party if we don't. She's good about drawing attention to herself.

I feel like I'm on a sort of holding pattern right now. Lots of projects at work have a "we'll get that finalized after the new year" tag on them. More than half my office is taking all of next week off, and we have the following week off too. I'll be in, with a few other people. It will either be dead, dead, d-e-d, dead for those three days or crazy busy. I suspect a little of both.

I'm supposed to run the half marathon a month from Friday, but I have been absolutely awful at training. I doubt seriously that even with hard core training between now and then I could pull off five miles, much less 13. So I'll aim lower and do the accompanying 5k and build up my running so I can do the park-to-park run in February and then maybe the 10K when the Rodeo gets here. I was really set for good training, and I did a bootcamp in September and October, but my knee got a little tweaked, and that fucked up my schedule. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. I have absolutely no motivation to run, and I can feel the laziness. I need something drastic to get me out of my slump, but I don't know what that is.

I am registered for the MS150, and I only had the one gall bladder, so I don't have to worry about that again. I really want to do well in that, so I'm making it a spring priority. I'd like to do the Danksin triathlon again, too. I missed that last year due to the gallstone recovery.

I have sort of started thinking about the new year already, the things I want to do, the changes I want to make with the way I treat myself. I need to drastically change my diet, cutting out a lot of the stuff I eat during the day, and taking more control over what I eat at night. I need to pay more attention to the dogs' upbringing, which means daily walks and more consistent training. I want to work on some projects around the house that I've been meaning to for a long time. I want to end next year in a financial position to add on to the house, which means really paying attention to how I spend money and paying off some debt. I want to do something truly creative next year that I'm proud of. I feel like I'm not all that interesting these days, not doing as much as I used to.

I think next year will be a transformative one. In a few weeks, Graham will have lived here for two years. I think we're pretty much settled in, though I suspect that he'll be working out of the house a lot more next year, which will be good for both of us. Because he's here more than I am, he takes a lot of the domestic parts of living out of my hands. It's not a bad thing at all, but I sometimes feel disconnected from day-to-day household. And I think he's probably pretty sick of the place. I think also that in the last two years, we've been building and strengthening our relationship, in a good and stable way. Now, were secure enough in that relationship that we can take some time to focus upon our individual selves.

I didn't really intend on a post that started talking about Celosa's birthday to be so self-reflective. I suppose I post in bursts these days, where everything sort of stumbles out of my fingers all at once.



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Dec. 16th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
Off topic- I was reading through a local Houston gloss magazine and saw a picture of your sister at the Wig party, she was mid-laugh ( head thrown back ) and has on the most fabulous headress.
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