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Tree redux

Graham and I are getting our Christmas Tree tonight. It's been a lot of years since I've waited this late to get the tree up, but for whatever reason, most nights this week have been pretty busy. We got a tree stand two weeks ago at Home Depot, but we thought that getting a tree the Friday after Thanksgiving was a little too soon.

Usually, I get a tree from the ranch, but we think Graham may be allergic to those, so Kroger's lot will have to do this year.

I love decorating my house for Christmas. I kind of go overboard every year, and I get way into it and I have a lot of silly, sparkly ornaments that adorn the tree. My disco fireplace has stockings hanging from it, and there are garlands scattered around the house. Graham has already done the lights around the front porch.

As this is Celosa's first Christmas, we're not sure what she'll think of the situation. Her and Crianza's kennels will have to be moved to another location for the few weeks that the tree is up, and I'm sure at some point she'll do something silly like take a drink out of the water in the stand or something.

I think, though, that she's too little to kock it down and drag it accross two rooms, like Holden did that one memorable time. I don't doubt her ingenuity, though. She'll figure some way to make this Christmas memorable.