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My office is trying to kill me. For some reason known only to maintenance folk, the air conditioning is on.

Moving on.

The Christmas Tree Cutting Party was a success. No dogs were injured or injured. No asparagus was stolen. We had a slightly smaller turnout than RSVPed, but we think it was weather and/or illness related. Friday turned out to be as snowy as everyone predicted, though it was less so at the ranch than in Houston, and Sunday was an utterly rainy day. Saturday, though, turned out to be gorgeous.

Graham and Jose took up arms against my dad in the great how to cook perfect barbeque debate, and my dad admitted defeat when he tasted their barbeque during the party. The dispute's details involved timing and temperature. And I'm certain that my father will forget his defeat the next time they all go to battle.

Celosa thought the whole thing was wonderful. Her very best friends in the world were there to play with (human and canine). She and Chicken helped play bocce early on in the day, and she figured out how to get people to give her food. I caught her at some point conning some unsuspecting sucker into giving her stuff, and my friend Jacob said at some point he found her passed out, unable to move by the meat cutting area. Crianza hid most of the time. She doesn't like being around Holden all that much, and she's pretty shy around people she doesn't know. Celosa, on the other hand, is instant friend with pretty everyone she meets.

I think tonight, after spin class, I'm going to go get a Christmas Tree. We are buying one instead of cutting one down at the ranch because of Graham's having severe allergic reaction to something over the last two winters. WE don't know for sure if the cedars from the ranch are the cause, but it's easy enough to eliminate those.

And sooner or later I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Aaaargh.