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And back

My computer blew up on me.

Last week, I went to a conference in Austin. Our work generally pushes through computer updates on Thursday, so Wednesday night, as instructed, I simply restarted my computer instead of turning it off. On Saturday, there was a power outage, and on Monday, my computer refused to speak to me. While most of my stuff was on the network and relatively safe, there are a few things that I wish I had backed up.

So after being out of the office for two days, missing two days of computer time, this is the first chance I've had to update a little.

There's actually not much to update. My friend Candyman is getting ready for his big Halloween Party, and I suspect that Graham and I may help out with that over the next few days. I have all of the elements of my costume, but I need some time to put them together. Our friend Keissimo was in town last week for an art show, and he decided to stay over for Candyman's party. He stayed with us for a few days before moving over to Candyman's to help out. I suspect the pictures this year will be pretty good... I still have to post mine from last year.

I went to my friend Clare's for dinner on Sunday. Her children are four years, two years, and nine weeks old. She'd invited me and Graham over about two months ago, and it took us forever to coordinate work schedules and sick kids. Her oldest kid, Vivian is ridiculously precocious, and she was profoundly disappointed that Graham couldn't make it (he was with Kevin). She and Graham bonded at Matthew's 2nd birthday party two months ago. My kid exposure is pretty minimal these days, and it was cool to hang out with a chaotic, big family with such great kids. I'm thinking that sooner, rather than later the kid thing will be in my own future.

Other than that, nothing really exciting is going on. The weather around here seems to be crazy. We've had 10 inches of rain in October, and are likely due for two or three more before the month is over. It's almost making up for the total lack of rain in the summer. We alternate from turning the air conditioning on to digging through the sweater drawers.

What's going on with ya'll?