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Huh, Flaming Lips to remake Dark Side of the Moon.
An album that was recorded during a turbulent time about a turbulent time will be remade. . . . The Flaming Lips are planning a track-by-track replica of DSTM. Pink Floyd’s release came in 1973, with the single “Money.”
. . .

Last night, not knowing about this remake, I just happened to watch a documentary called, “The Making of the Dark Side of the Moon”. Fantastic. I viewed it as streaming video from Netflix through my TV. I mention this because in the documentary, Pink Floyd’s Gilmour and Rogers describe the antiquated technology they used to make DSTM, and how it inspired their creativity. They said some of the things you heard on DSTM, you’d never hear today. Technology makes some things too easy.

I’ll be interesting to see how the Flaming Lips try to replicate the original. By the way, they’re planning to make their version an iTunes-only release.

Watch the Lips perform “Eclipse” from Dark Side of the Moon by clicking here. It’s an in-studio session at one of the public radio stations here in LA, KCRW. And below, you can see Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne announcing the project, which will also include help from Stardeath, White Dwarfs, Peaches and Henry Rollins.

But no, I don’t know if the Flaming Lips version will synch up to The Wizard of Oz or not.
Cool. I did the Wizard of Oz synch thing once in college. It worked ridiculously well. I don't remember what, if anything, I was on at the time.

I love the Flaming Lips. I'm looking forward to this.