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This is one of those news stories that makes me happy:
History is about to be made in San Francisco. On September 29th, the San Francisco Giants will be getting ready to play ball at the AT&T Park. Before they do though, someone special will come out on the field to sing the National Anthem, and no one knows how to come out and do it better than a drag queen! That’s right, in just a few weeks, the fabulous Donna Sachet will grace the field and sing her heart out to the audience of sports fans. Is she scared? Not at all.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to sing the National Anthem,” Donna said. “Although I have never sung at a major league game, I have sung our National Anthem many times, usually preceding a big event, sometimes social, sometimes political. I sang it once at an event in New York at the Marriott Marquis, which is located on Broadway. I immediately updated my resume to say that I had sung ‘on Broadway!’"

It does seem surprising that someone in drag would be on the field singing the National Anthem before a major league game, and you’re probably wondering how it all came about. Donna and Pat Gallagher, President of the Giants, met last year while working on a video for the SF Convention & Visitors Bureau annual luncheon. Donna mentioned her dream of singing at a game and Mr. Gallagher encouraged her to apply, suggesting that a demo CD would be a plus. Being the good Girl Scout that she is, Donna just happened to have a CD on her with a few songs she had prepared some time ago. Shortly thereafter, Donna received a call with an offer to sing, but was unable to attend the scheduled event due to a prior engagement. The season ended without another offer. Donna didn’t give up though, and she decided to try out again this season. “I was hoping that the Giants weren't like the White House where once declined, another invitation was not to come,” she said. “Sure enough, I received an email with lots of notice and I accepted their invitation to sing.”
Way to go San Francisco Giants. I can't imagine something similar happening in Houston.