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With Feeling, Once More

Some months ago, datawhorevoyeur directed me to information about an Buffy Sing-a-Long. I'd been to one before with gttygrl back in 2006 at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, so I knew what to expect.

It was slated for Saturday night, and we declined all other invitations so we could go. I went with Graham, my friend James, my friend Drillbit and her husband, who I will call Nanotube. Graham and Nanotube were non-Buffy fans. Graham has seen seasons four through six, because I went through an episode rewatching back when I was recovering from my gallbladder surgery. Nanotube took it as a point of pride that he'd no previous Buffy experience.

Graham was hoping that he would be able to convince us to let him and Nanotube go watch college football during the event, but no dice.

So we showed up at Discovery Green, this awesome park downtown, and of course, we were late. James had staked out some territory for us, but we were pretty much on the top of the hill because so many people were there. The MC was the guy from Alamo Drafthouse, who I gather started the whole thing. And Discovery Green was just packed with Buffy dorks. I don't know if any Bronzers were there, because it was darkish by the time we got there. I texted moppety when we got there, but she couldn't make it. I didn't have lord_of_entropy's number to text.

Drillbit is a big time Buffy dork, and James has passable knowledge, so we all reveled in the whole thing. Amber Benson was on site, promoting her new book, and she had some words to say before they aired the first episode, Hush. Graham and Nanotube took off immediaetly, seeking out refreshments and otherwise avoiding the whole thing. But sooner or later they returned, and since Hush is actually scary, I think they kind of liked it.

Next up, Buffy-oke! Amber and a random fan acted out the opening scene from Innocence. Much hilarity ensued. Graham sort of scoffed a little, but I pointed out that he probably could do the same thing with episodes of the West Wing. He admitted I had a point.

And then Once More with Feeling. I think both Graham and Nanotube were pleasently surprised by the whole thing. Drillbit and I were singing our heads off with the rest of the crowd. James was awesome singing the Anya parts in "I'll Never Tell." And there's a Rocky Horror aspect to the whole event, with people striking lighters (or the iPhone Zippo app) when Buffy starts singing "Walk into the Fire". Or setting off poppers during Tara's climatic, er, climax. Or yelling at Dawn to shut up whenever Dawn says, er, anything. And since there were about a thousand other Buffy dorks there, there was absolutely no shame whatsoever in being a total dork about the whole thing. There were subtitles if anyone needed them, but Drillbit and I were pretty ok without them.

It was a good introduction of Buffy I think. Some of the lyrics in Once More with Feeling are downright hysterical, and I think Nanotube appreciated their cleverness. From his actually sitting down and watching the episode with me, I think Graham's favorite episode is Hush, so that helped quell the pain of having to see a musical. Graham and Nanotube grudgingly admitted that maybe this was as fun as watching college football. And since Graham got to see the end of the Texas / Texas Tech game at a bar we went to afterwards, it turned out ok for everyone.

What was interesting for me, of course, was the revisiting of a pretty important part of my life. There were a good six or seven years where Buffy related people and events were the center of my social life. And those people are still ridiculously dear to me, though I don't see them or talk to them as regularly as I used to. I always sort of give a knowing nod when non Bronzers talk Buffy, but I don't say much. I sort of feel like since I was there at the beginning, everything that has been said will be said again. I've written tomes on Buffy crap, I've seen all the angles. And I was there when no one else seemed to be. It sometimes feels strange that so many people nowadays are Buffy fans, because there were so few of us at the beginning.

But it's also cool. There was a group of people in front of us wearing Bunny ears in honor of Anya's big solo. There were gaggles of fans lining up to talk to Amber, and she was awfully patient and kind to them. The MC told his Buffy story, and I think most people probably had a similar one. Not expecting much, got sucked in, couldn't turn away, told all their friends.


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Sep. 21st, 2009 11:04 pm (UTC)

> I sort of feel like since I was there at the
> beginning, everything that has been said will be said
> again.

I'm the same way with Star Trek, having been a fan of it since the age of eleven, 43 years ago.

"This has all happened before, and will all happen again." -- re-imagined Battlestar Galactica

P. S.: I sing "Under Your Spell" to my wife nilajean when I want to express how I feel about her.

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