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Catchy headlines

Not quite Man, Woman, Serpent Die in Firey Crash, but it'll do.

Chihuahua With Earrings Stolen At Gay Bar
Police Seek Man With Britney Spears Tattoo

POSTED: Friday, August 21, 2009
UPDATED: 7:17 am EDT August 21, 2009

WILTON MANORS, Fla. -- A man with a tattoo of Britney Spears' name on his arm or neck allegedly stole a Chihuahua with pink earrings from a South Florida gay bar.

Brian Dortort, 48, said Thursday that he has spent weeks searching for his 4-month-old pooch, named Hudson Hayward Hemingway. The dog, about the size of a softball, was in a specialty pet bag.

Dortort said he let a man hold the Chihuahua for a moment during a friend's birthday party, then the man and dog disappeared.

Police said a suspect has been identified, but it's up to the Broward State Attorney's Office to decide whether to an issue an arrest warrant.
I trust justice will be done.



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Aug. 21st, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
oh for the love of sticks and fishes! Bwhahahaha!
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