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Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

My friend SMASH turned 40 on Saturday. She's going through some major changes in her life, so she decided to have the birthday party she always wanted. The party was called "Lucha Vino!" We were all instructed to obtain luchadora masks from our local free trade establishment. We donned tights, capes and other Mexican Wrestling attire.

I personally have the good fortune of owning, not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of wrestling shoes*, so the question was "green, white, black or silver." Given that my color scheme was pink and forest green, I went with the green. My cape was a piece of pink vinyl that I had laying around for a rainy day. The bulk of the costume was recycled from Claudia's birthday party a few years ago--pink tights, green leotard, pink athletic socks--though I added some green shorts and of course, a pink and gold Rey Misterio luchadora mask. I added a flower to the back of my mask, because, well, it's me.

Graham recylced a bit of his creepy hug costume from Flipside, wearing short blue athletic shorts with white piping and a white tank. His cape was a piece of fabric with yellow skulls held together with a carabiner, and his mask was blue and gold. He wore combat boots. He called himself "Lucha de Tradge".

The evening started well enough off. About forty of us gathered at SMASH's house in various forms of luchadora attire. Most everyone had a luchadora mask, and where people took it from there was wide open. Some people were just Luchadora mask and left it at that. Others were in tights and capes. Some were scarier than that. One person tied deer antlers atop his mask. Someone else kept on crowing every time he saw someone new. Another wore a feather boa.

Around nine, we hit our first wine bar--Boheme in Montrose. We knew we were in for a good night when we got there: five of us walked together from our car to the bar, and as we were walking, an HPD cruiser rolled by. The cops got on their loudspeakers: "PLEASE WALK ON THE SIDEWALK. AND THOSE ARE GREAT COSTUMES." The bar took us in without really batting an eyelash. There was a wedding going on in the back, and at some point during our stay there, a group of about 20 rollerblading chicks wearing bras came through. Ah Montrose.

Our next bar was the Corkscrew on Washington. I think we scared a lot of the patrons there. We'd watch with amusement as people tried to look at us without looking like they were looking at us. One guy refused to look away from a wall he was studying quite intently. We didn't care. We drank wine, we danced to late 80s music, and we chatted amongst ourselves. Occasionally someone would stop by and ask what the fuck was going on, and they'd have a sort of bemused look on their face when they realized that this wasn't some sort of gimmick, or promotion, or whatever. We were just celebrating our friend's birthday.

The last stop of the night was Block 7, which was having its grand opening this weekend. All sorts of lavish attention has been paid by local press and bloggers over the wine shop/restaurant/bar, and the opening was supposed to be a weekend long affair.

Graham and I were maybe the fourth and fifth Luchadoras to roll in. We were immediately stopped by a woman with an iPhone who explained that she was one of the owners and wanted our picture. We pulled SMASH away from the bar to be in the picture too. Within a minute, another man told us that he'd bought a glass of wine for us and just to tell the bartender what we wanted. Graham got the house Pinot Noir and I got the house Zin. We went into the store area of the establishment to thank the man, who turned out to be another owner, and he just gushed over our attire. We explained that there were another 35 or so on their way.

For the next 20 minutes, Graham and I fielded questions from the crowd. "Why are you doing this?" "It's our friend's birthday and this is what she wanted." "Where do you get those masks?" "Mexico. Or Corazon in Montrose</a>." "Did you happen to have a cape on hand?" "Nah, this is just a piece of fabric and some nipple clamps." "Nipple clamps?" "Nipple clamps." "Do you guys have a website?" "uh, facebook." "Someone's birthday?" "Yep!" We explained that all you really need to do something like this is get a group of friends together and get everyone on the same page in terms of attire. One girl thought she could get her friends to do it, but she got stuck on the Luchadora aspect and not the "do whatever you want" aspect.

Everyone else rolled in to the bar to similar reactions, and the owner asked us all to gather for a group shot. We probably spent another hour or two there, leaving around the time they were having last call for alcohol in the retail shop.

Graham told me that he ran into some random guy in the bathroom who told him that he was envious. None of his friends, the guy said, would get together and do something like this.

*Asics makes them, and they're ridiculously comfortable, and I can get them cheap at a sports sample shop. Fortunately for me, the men's shoe sample size is identical to my own foot size. So Asics makes hundreds of color combos to test, keeps a few for their own marketing and offloads the samples to this sample shop. I pick them up for about $30.


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Aug. 18th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
was at Boheme last week, really liked it, now I like it oh so much more ! What a fan-farking-tastic birthday!!!
Aug. 18th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
That party is full of awesome . . . but a cooler month might be more comfortable for it . . .

I just learned last week that a guy I play basketball with was a luchador for nine years. Don't you miss San Antonio?
Aug. 19th, 2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
Awesome. I told my friend Adam about it and he agrees, just an awesome thing to do!!
Aug. 19th, 2009 07:05 pm (UTC)

absolutely brilliant. hpd gets just a teensy weensy bit better in my book, JUST for that comment alone.
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