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Miserable puppies

Celosa is an unhappy puppy dog right now.

Both she and Crianza had birthdays on Monday (seven months and six years, respectively), and both she and Crianza got sick on Monday. Crianza seems to simply have a cold, and we're not too concerned about it. She's sniffly, and she occassionally will make weird sounds as she's trying to clear out her nose, but she's otherwise ok.

Celosa, though...

The trouble started at Petco. We were buying some treats for the pooches, and Celosa had a disgusting accident. We chalked it up to all the stuff that she's had going on in her life over the last few weeks: our leaving for New York for a few days in the early part of the month, having houseguests for a full week last week, and the excitement of being at PetCo. She'd been acting out a bit over the last week or so, peeing in inappropriate places right in front of us. But then she had a few more disgusting accidents later on in the evening, one prominently featuring blood. We decided to keep an eye on her and if she was still not well in the morning, take her to the vet. She spent most of that evening sleeping.

Yesterday, we were greeted with a happy, playful puppy, and we figured that all was well. I went to work, and Graham figured Celosa was out of the woods. Then, right before 11, he called to say that she was still runny, and we probably should take her to the vet. She was still pretty energetic at the vet, though. Saying hi to everyone in the waiting room, and otherwise being a cute little seven month old puppy. She wasn't well, though, as she left a very fresh (and gross) sample on the exam room floor.

The vet kept her for the afternoon, so they could administer subcutaneous fluids and keep an eye on her. They also gave her a "sanitary clipping" as her illness was staying on her coat; they shaved her butt.

The puppy I picked up at 5:45 was miserable. She didn't want to get off of her butt. She didn't want to walk. She didn't want to move. She just wanted to cover her butt with the rest of herself and occasionally lick her wound.

She wasn't much better when we got home. She hid under the bed for a few hours, coming out only when food was offered, and even then she moaned and groaned and had to be carried to her food (btw, she's 16.7 pounds now). She was more or less the same this morning, though she liked it when I put lotion on her butt.

Poor baby. I hope her hair grows back quickly.

Relampago hid under the bed for three months when he was accidently shaved by a groomer.



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Jul. 29th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
as her illness was staying on her...butt is how I read that. And giggled. Poor baby!
Jul. 30th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon.
Jul. 30th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
Do they have any idea what is causing her accidents?
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