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Everybody move to the music

And so my modeling debut went well...

I scrambled around the house on Saturday morning looking for crap to take with me for the photo shoot. Accessories, jewelry, fabrics, clothes. I think I filled three or four bags full of stuff. Graham, of course, was easy. I think he brought an extra shirt and jacket, and that's more or less it.

We started together in front of the white backdrop. I was wearing a white corset, my blue crinoline, a bright pink scarf, striped knee high socks, and granny boots. Graham was wearing black jeans, a black shirt, a black jacket and a black top hat. Our energy was a bit off early on, so Pixie decided to readjust. We threw a bunch of my brightly colored tutus on the floor, threw a wreath of paper mache flowers on my head, and she took a bunch of adorable shots of me laying a field of tutus. Graham took off his jacket and joined me for a few 'stina in tutu heaven shots, and I picked up a brightly colored umbrella to play with for some of those. Pixie shot some more of me alone.

Next, I changed clothes while she shot Graham, black button down shirt on, looking at an ornate mirror. Those came out really well.

Next, we ended up on a stairwell of exposed brick. I was wearing a silk robe over a pink tanktop, and I'd thrown on my newsboy cap. Graham got rid of the tophat and put a grey pinstripe fedora on. Those pictures were just lovely. I'd say a good half of the proofs that we really liked came from that set. We moved a little to get some shots in front of an ornate iron candelabra, and those turned out to be pretty awesome, too.

I changed shirts, throwing on a sheer black top over a bra, and Pixie took pictures of us in front of a frosted window, silhouetted profiles. We then stood in front of a black curtain, and I really wish that I'd posed better, because the effect was really cool, but I looked like a dork. (Graham looked hot.) We stood in front of a really cool door after that, and some of those came out pretty well. Our last shots, I took off my shirt and she got some of me with just a bra on pawing at Graham. The very last one of that series was pretty awesome.

Now, we have to sort through 207 proofs and decide which 15 we want edited to keep. I'm sure we'll pull some from each of the various poses and locations, but the stairway photos are the ones that we really, really like a lot. They're the sort of pictures we'll frame and send to relatives and show our kids in years to come. Hell, if I ever write a book, I'd pick one of those to be my jacket picture in a heartbeat.

And I was right. Pixie is amazing at making people look beautiful. Both Graham and I look awesome.