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Unmasking models

I'm a pretty faithful reader of Jezebel, the feminist blog in the Gwaker empire, and I've come to love a lot of the writers there. One of them went by the pseudoynm TatianaTheAnonymousModel, and she would write about the fashion industry. It was obvious that she came from a perspective of knowledge, and she offered insight that never occured to me before. I really valued her commentary on a world I know really nothing about.

Today she "came out". In her unmasking post, she writes about her personal experiences as a model, and it's funny and sad at the same time. It's a life that only a very small number of people can understand, but like most lives, you only really know the one that you're living. I'm very grateful that she's been there to explain that little corner of the world to me. It's a testament to her writing that I didn't immediately scroll by her posts.

One of the first things she did when she quit modeling was cut her hair. It's a small thing, really, but for someone not allowed to do so, it must have been ridiculously liberating. I'm glad that she's only leaving modeling, not writing. Because her voice is pretty damned awesome, and I think she's probably pretty damned awesome too. It sort of surprises me that she's only 23.

She also posted part of her portfolio.