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stream of consciousness

Lots of stuff in my head, none of it worthy of its own post, so it gets dumped in one.

I'm supposed to get a new computer today for work. My old computer got wind of this a few months ago and has been a total shit ever since. Slow as hell and often just stops wanting to play. It will not be a sorrowful parting.

We had our first Burning Man organizational meeting yesterday. Five of us showed up, but we're hoping that this will be the Year of Minimal Effort. There are logistical issues, as there always will be, but we're hoping to tone down the big group projects a LOT this year. Group usually means about a dozen of the 40 or so camping with us. Those dozen are usually burned out by the time we get there. We'll see if this actually turns out to be the case.

Graham and I aren't even sure if we're going this year. We're inclined to, but it may turn out to be a money/work thing.

It's hot here in Houston. That isn't surprising, I guess, but it's hotter than usual. Most years, it doesn't start hitting 95 until July. We've already had a week in the high 90s. I can't imagine working outside in this weather. There's no rain in the forecast, and everyone's watering a ton. I remember when I was a kid it used to rain every afternoon in the summer time for about half an hour. Nothing like that now.

My pooches are adorable. Celosa is going to be six months old next saturday, and Crianza will be six years old a month later. They still play quite a bit, though it's mellowed out a little bit. Celosa is very much going to be the alpha dog in our family.

Graham and I have a thoroughly unplanned weekend ahead of us. Nothing on the schedule except my gym's summer party. We don't have to go anywhere, we don't have to pack for anything, and we can spend time at the house. It's been months since we've been able to do that.