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And so I have returned from the family reunion. 'Twas fun to meet Graham's relatives, and I think that he has a better sense of his family than he did before. Some of his distant cousins are pretty cool, and their kids are adorable.

We didn't really do much in Vegas outside of the family obligations. We did go see Up and I sniffled my way through the beginning and the end. It's clear that the Pixar people understand dogs. And I really enjoyed the digital 3D experience. Nothing really popped out, but the movie had a subtle extra layer of depth. I think I liked Wall-E a little better, but it was quite good.

We also proved to each other that we are not world class bowlers. After the festivities ended on Saturday evening, we went back to the hotel to play a few games. I will note for the record that I was wearing a low cut sundress, which may have negatively impacted my score. Graham thought that my technique was, um, interesting. We had a hell of a lot of fun, though.

We actually didn't spend much time in Vegas proper, outside a visit to Planet Hollywood to watch Tony and Tina's Wedding on Friday night. One of Graham's cousins is in the play, and I found it a bit eerie how much he looked like Graham.

Graham's Nevada-based family lives in Henderson, so we stuck mainly there.

We were hoping to get bumped on the way home, as we were on an earlier flight and didn't have much to do when we got home, but the sold out plane issue resolved itself before we had the opportunity to express our willingness to take $200 in vouchers from Continental.



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Jun. 16th, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
I don't think the movie was sad. I just think parts of it were. I've never seen Snoopy Come Home but I refuse to ever see Dumbo again, since most of the parts that made me sad/mad were driven the maliciousness of other characters. Up's poignancy seemed to be driven by life itself. I'd see Up over and over again.
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