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Bacon and Burlesque Birthday

I spent most of my birthday surrounded by wild pigs.

Graham and I went up to the ranch on Friday night, and early on Saturday morning, Graham got up to take the dogs out. Being my birthday, he wanted to let me sleep in, and I was grateful. But two minutes later, he was back upstairs, shaking me gently, and saying "honey, wake up. You have to see this."

I got out of bed, and he pointed out what turned out to be nine wild pigs, about 50 yards from the fence, grazing in the oat field. They were HUGE, and fast. And hungry. One in particular was bigger than all the others, and we figured that she was probably the mama. The rest were probably her babies. We made a lot of bacon comments.

I eventually got up around ten o'clock and they were still out there for another hour or so.

Wild pigs, btw, are notoriously dangerous. They're ridiculously difficult to kill, and they are capable of causing much bodily harm and/or destruction should one come across them. A shotgun probably would make them mad. And they severely out numbered us, even if we did have a rifle. Plus, for all my growing up on the ranch, I don't really know how to slaughter anything, and I really didn't feel like learning by trying on my birthday. We opted to stay indoors.

The rest of the daytime was fairly lazy. We read. We ate junk food. We listened to music. I may have napped. We played with the dogs, carefully letting them out when we could no longer see the pigs from the house. I got calls of celebration from friends and family.

At some point in the afternoon, Graham looked up and saw the pigs again. This time they were much closer to the house, about eight feet from the fence. We tried to get outside for a closer look, but the screen door slammed (Mary's dress waved...) and the pigs were startled and ran away. This time, they were close enough that I could see that at least one baby, about as big as Celosa was with them. My discussion of bacon ceased there and then. I have difficulties with the concept of eating a baby pig. I blame Babe.

At around six thirty, my friends Buttery, Drillbit and Hero showed up from Houston, and we all got dressed in our finery (tutus and corsets) to go out that evening. Buttery and Drillbit bought me a tiny top hat, trimmed with a silver skull, for my birthday, and it was a perfect accessory for my ensemble: a turquoise blue crinoline skirt, a matching cami top, a black shirt-jacket, and a nice necklace. After freshening up, we all hopped in the car and headed to Austin.

Unfortunately, Graham and I were not organized enough to make the first night of the Texas Burlesque Festival, but as soon as we heard about it from willagurl, I was determined to celebrate my birthday evening watching burlesque. Given me and my group of friends, it was ridiculously appropriate.

We got to the venue around the time the event was supposed to start, and immediately, I saw willagurl and gave her a big hug. I hadn't seen her since right before I went to Burning Man almost two years ago, and she looked fantastic. I introduced her to my friends, and she introduced me to her friend and pointed out that cbbro had come down. A few more of my friends who lived in Austin and met us at the venue, so we had a fairly large group.

There was a little bit of a wait to get things started, but I didn't mind. A good hunk of the crowd was dressed up, and the people watching was great. We didn't feel at all out of place in our attire, and I'm sure that quite a few people in the crowd thought that Buttery, in her four inch heels, fishnets, short red and black tutu and looooooow cut vest, was one of the dancers. There were a few vendors selling burlesque related gear, and I ended up buying a hair piece. There was also pizza (I was starving) and drinks to be had.

Eventually, the MCs came out and the show got started. I loved it. The costuming, of course, was my favorite part, and willagurl told me about vintage clothes, lingerie, and some of the tricks of the trade. Girls of all shapes and sizes danced, and the crowd was ridiculously supportive. It took us awhile to place them, but a few acts in, Graham and I realized that the MCs had been at the cooking station next to us at the regional Grilled Cheese Invitational a few months ago. Bastards took first place in our division.

I would say that maybe three, four of the performers had, er, taken their clothes off professionally in another setting. There was something about the way they danced that suggested a different sort of professionalism, but they were a small percentage of the dancers there. By and large, the second act was much better than the first, though there were a few in the first act that I rather liked a lot. A lot of the dancers were quite creative, and some of the clothes just took my breath away. I had a desire to run out and buy pretty corsets and underwear and garters and wigs and flouncy skirts and dresses. A bigger desire than usual.

The first act of the second half of the show was one of my favorites. The dancer teased us by undressing in silhouette, not revealing herself until the very end. Classy, discrete, and very sexy. Very awesome. My friends went crazy for her.

One of the awesome things about the show was that most of the dancers lingered in the crowd during the show. One of them, a dancer from early in the first act, complimented me on my brand new tiny top hat. I thanked her and said that my friends had given it to my for my birthday, which was, in fact, this very night. At various intervals throughout the night, she'd tell other dancers that it was my birthday.

Some of the tattoo work was just stunning, and Graham and I spent ten minutes talking to one girl who had an absolutely amazing HR Giger replica on her arm, a ridiculously good bat on her chest, and an angel statue on her shin. We were just in awe of the black and gray work on her.

All in all, I think we saw sixteen performances, and we loved most of them. It was a terribly fun night, and I was really happy that my birthday could be such a great time for so many of my friends. That I got to see willagurl and cbbro made it all that much better.

We all were pretty tired by the end of the night, and after hugging the people staying in Austin goodbye, we piled in the car and drove back to the pig infested ranch.

And I suspect that a Burlesque show will happen on an art car I know and love at Burning Man this year.


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May. 19th, 2009 06:24 am (UTC)
"Oh no, don't do that, don't do that. If you shoot him, you'll just make him mad."

I do not deserve to have grown up 3 miles form the Stone Pony. Nearly my entire life I have thought the line was "Mary in dress suede" which I never got, but it was the 70s and I figured that could have been the fashion. This makes so much more sense. I suck.

Very awesome way to spend your birthday. :)
May. 19th, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you so, so, so, so much for coming. It meant so much that you'd spend your birthday at the festival! Please tell everyone thank you from me, and if you roll through here on the way to Burning Man, let's definitely have a drink. Xo.
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