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Almost out of the woods

And in better news, Celosa has started losing her puppy teeth.

This is cause for great rejoicing as those baby teeth are sharp as hell. And she uses them a lot on me, Graham, Crianza, Athena's tail, and anything else she can get a hold of.

I noticed two days ago that she looked like a first grader, with a big ass gap in her bottom teeth. Further inspection indicated that she's lost about three or four teeth so far, and there are a few more loose in her mouth.

Fortunately for everyone, Celosa is a big fan of ice cubes. She insists that she get one every time I reach into the freezer. Knowing this and knowing that her gums are going to hurt until the teeth are all in, I've been making easy-to-grasp ice with my A-B-C ice molds to give her instead of the ice that comes out of the ice maker.

When I left this morning, she was happily chewing on the letter I, having already gone through the letter B.