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Should I ever get pregnant, I think I'll be covered for the duration of my maternity leave in terms of food and flowers and attention from my loved ones and relations.

Yesterday, my friend Beverly called to find out if she could bring me dinner. I told her that Graham was cooking for me, but I'd love to have dinner from her the next day.

This morning, she showed up with bags and bags and bags of prepared meals. Most of them were frozen, though a few were ready to eat now. Two types of soup. Several baked pastas. Three kinds of chicken. Meatloaf. Enchiladas. Two casseroles. Some pork stuffed with spinach.

It will take me and Graham weeks to go through all this food.

In other food news, Miss Athena has given us a bit of a scare by dropping about three pounds in a three week period. She's still in healthy kitty weight range, as she was a bit of a tubby kitty before, but the speed of weight loss and disinterest in dry food all together was scaring us. We'd taken to bribing her with tuna fish, which she'll grudgingly eat, but it was getting worrisome.

She just got back from the vet. While her total blood work isn't back yet, the vet is leaning towards stress. I'm totally on board with that diagnosis, as this started around the time that Zapata came to stay with us for a week, and she's never been all that happy about the puppy. We'll get more info tomorrow when the blood results come back, but in the meantime, I was happy to see her hop up to her food and water and eat a bite or two of both tuna AND kibble. And I'm going to get her some Rescue Remedy regardless of what else is going on with her.