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Aaaah, spring...

Puppy dogs play in the sunshine. Butterflies flit from flower to flower. Everyone in Houston descends upon their yards en masse.

My yard descension involved hacking up and pulling out a white plumbago plant that had taken over one of my beds. It flowered a little bit, but it just wasn't a pretty plant. It took an hour or so to get it out of the ground, but I had help in the form of a small puppy, who dragged away branches and chewed on them as I threw them into the yard.

Another hour or so of weed pulling in a variety of other beds, with help from Celosa of course, and I was ready to go to the nursery for plants and compost and mulch.

My purchases this season were generally edible. Six tomato plants, a pepper plant, some fennel, some lettuce, sorrel, thyme, sage, five basil and some lettuces. Three bags of mulch, two of compost and a bag of potting soil.

After the nursery, we swung by a hardware store so we could reinforce the backyard gate. Someone is small enough to fit through the bars and was found about eight feet down the driveway a day or so ago. Some plastic netting, zip ties, and twenty minutes of Graham's time would fix that. While I was at the hardware store, I saw some seed packets, and I knew I had a relatively empty bed back home, so I picked up some cucumber, watermelon, two kinds of squash, some carrots and some green beans.

It didn't take that long to plant everything I'd bought at the nursery, especially with Celosa and Crianza there to help me, but I needed more compost for the new bed, so another trip to the nursery was in order. Of course, I couldn't resist picking up another rose bush to replace one that had died because the plumbago blocked it's sun.

The new bed gets plenty of sun, and hopefully the water won't be that big of a deal. I ended up only having room for a row of watermelon, cucumbers, one type of squash and the carrots. I have one more bed in that part of the yard that I want to clear out for the beans and the other type of squash.

I'm looking forward to my vegetables. I've never grown them from seeds before, but I'm pretty sure that I'll end up with some of them taking.

My next garden project is my front rose bed. It involves ripping out a couple of shrubs and then preparing a bed, but I'm hoping that I can have a border of white meidilands in front of a few Knock Out bushes. I think the white roses in front of the red roses will look really pretty.



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Mar. 10th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
I planted a couple of rose bushes this past weekend ( though in large pots as i'm not 100% sure where I want them to live permanently ).

One is called "peace" which is sort of a peach /yellow / white combo , and the other i'm pretty sure is called "knock out" ....it's a brilliant red.

I'd love to see pixs of your roses once you have everything in :)

Mar. 10th, 2009 09:11 pm (UTC)
"Peace" is probably the most famous rose in the world. And "Knock Out" is the best selling rose in the world. The former was developed in the 30s, during the war, and has sold probably better than any other rose ever. It's a really elegant rose.

The latter was developed in 1997 or 1998 and has rapidly become the current best seller year after year. It's ridiculously hearty, and you can just plant it and ignore it and it'll still produce thousannds of flowers nearly all year round. The replacement rose I bought this weekend was a Knock Out.
Mar. 12th, 2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
I didn't know any other the above, I just looked at the pictures on the labels and made my choices based soley on that fanatsy *grin*

That being said... the knockouts have already friggin bloomed and i have two really lovely flowers sitting atop the small bush. The Peace bush doesn't look so hot , I may throw it a little miracle gorw tonight and see if that helps it any. Maybe the transplant from bag to pot was just a hair tramatic for it.

I heart plants I can just stick in the ground and ignore.
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