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It's been a busy weekend, but I'm not exactly sure how.

Friday, my washer/dryer got here, and I began looking at the space it's going in. When I got off work, I headed to Ikea for some picture frames for some posters that I have. (I'm surrounding myself with movie posters in my study, and I needed a few more frames for the finishing touches.) Of course, it takes forever to get through Ikea, so an hour was killed. When I got back to my car, there was a message from my sister, who got back from Mexico and was starving. I wandered over to my parents' house (the music was loud, I think my dad is now in active warfare with the lady next door), and found two dogs, two siblings and two parents. The consensus was this great restaurant in midtown, but my dad was watching the NCAA national championship, and he didn't want to go anywhere that didn't have a tv at the bar. So we left him. Everyone was happy, he got to watch the game (which went to double overtime), and we got to eat.

I got home around 11 and began to put the posters in their frames. It was around midnight when I realized that it was going to take some major maneuvering to get them on the wall. So I went to bed.

The next morning, I looked around the house and realized there was a lot of shit to do. The posters took a good hunk of the morning, because I needed to rehang other posters and move some furniture. But it worked out. Then, I started to take a look at the washer/dryer and the space under my counter that it was going in. I examined the pipes under the sink, looked at the back of the appliance, removed drawers and doors, and looked under the sink some more. I determined at some point that I needed to go to Home Depot. I walked down the plumbing aisle, having a general idea of what I needed for my washer/dryer, but nothing specific like dimensions, and then I headed to the gardening section. I picked up two pots, some soil and some bedding plants. When I got home, I looked under my sink again and realized that this could possibly be a disaster in the making. So I procrastinated by picking up Return of the King and reading for a few hours. At around eight, I met a some friends for dinner because two of them are headed to Chicago for a two month assignment. It was pretty cool, one of them is Italian and we went to an Italian restaurant. She ordered everything and they brought it out family style. We were sitting outside, next to the bocce court, so we played bocce between courses. There were about 15 people there, and no one actually stayed in one seat for more than a course.

Today, I spent the first half of the day finishing the exciting parts of Return of the Kings (I'm sorry, those last few chapters are a bit anticlimatic for me...). And then Relampago got a bath. I think he's forgiven me, but it was touch and go there for awhile. The new bathroom has a shower head with a hose, so it's a lot easier to bathe him, but it's still a royal pain in the ass. I went outside with him after the bath, and I began the process of transplanting my lemon grass. I love the plant, but it's taking over my herb garden because it's gotten so big. (you can see it in the photo of my backyard from the back door, it's behind the umbrella). It took me awhile, but I got it uprooted and into the pot I bought yesterday. The rest of the afternoon was spent raking leaves and generally prettying up some of my beds. There are now five bags of leaves waiting to be picked up and hauled away. I ended the afternoon planting tulip and dafodil bulbs as well as some dianthus in the bed next to my deck. I have some more bulbs as well as some pansies for my front yard, and I guess I'll get to them tomorrow.

I'm now clean, and I am about to head out to the grocery store for some food. I'm starving.

Dao, Zapata is a boy (the "a" at the end is confusing), and he'll be a year old at the end of this month. I don't think he has that much more to grow. He's about 20 pounds, and probably will be maybe 25 or so when he's filled out a bit and his fur grows in.
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