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Cactus Records is back from the dead!!
How appropriate today, Day of the Dead, to celebrate the resurrection of Cactus Music & Video. The venerable Houston store that died and was buried a year and a half ago is coming back to life.

"Finally, I get to go buy records again," said local singer-songwriter Tody Castillo, who was helping set the place up on Thursday.

The store won't open until sometime next week — managing partner Quinn Bishop was purposely vague about the details — but those wanting a sneak peek are invited to an art opening tonight at the new incarnation, Cactus Music, at 2110 Portsmouth. That's across from the eclectic little shopping center that is home to everything from Amy's Ice Creams and the Stag's Head Pub to the Tuesday Morning discount retailer.

"It's a weird little corner at Portsmouth and Sandman," said Bishop, who will be circulating and showing off the new digs at tonight's reception. "But it's a great space. I think people will be knocked out by it. This is our way of having a little fun and building the anticipation."

Cactus returns as a full-service store, with vinyl records as well as CDs, but it also will house a showplace for music-themed art called the Record Ranch Gallery. The first exhibit is Day of the Dead Rock Stars, a series of Day of the Dead-inspired portraits of deceased music icons such as Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Patsy Cline and Jimi Hendrix.
If you recall, I was quite broken up about its closure back in 2006. This makes me immensely happy.
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