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To market inappropraitely for love

So once upon a time, I used to devour romance novels. They were like popcorn for me. I'd read six or seven a week, going back and forth to half-priced-books to get rid of old ones and stock up on new ones. Eventually, I outgrew them, found other things to read, though occassionally I'll find myself reading a Mary Jo Putney or Catherine Coulter book for old times sake.

For this reason, and because I LOVED Die For Love (a murder mystery at a Romance Writers convention), I'm very sad that I didn't know that the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention was at the Hyatt downtown in Houston last week.

And I'm even more upset that I didn't get to go because there was An Incident.

Sort(ish) version. Romance writer puts out her promotional material on the promotional material shelves on the second day of the convention. Romance writer's materials are well received. Later that day, ALL of romance writer's promotional materials disappear entirely. After some hunting, it is determined that the material was removed by hotel staff. Convention staff suggested that "businessmen" had complained about the material, and author noted that there was a lot of material much more risque than hers out on the convention floor. Did I mention that the romance writer primarily writes man to man fiction?
Apparently at a loss for an explanation that would satisfy me she expressed an opinion it was gay related, but that didn’t explain all promo with my name on it being removed, even the postcards for my single mainstream thriller.

She then called Jo Carol, RT event coordinator and had her call the Hyatt customer service manager that made the decision to remove the items, Lance Barnes.
He arrived, briefly introduced himself while standing sideways to me, didn’t offer his hand in introduction, and never made eye contact with me. I made all the same arguments with him, showing examples of the other promo vs ours. He never mentioned the businessmen (that shouldn’t have been allowed in the conference area anyway) objection that Susan had, but only stated it was 'his decision and that of his peers and boss' to remove it and if I replaced them they would be removed and taken.

His biggest objection was the poster of a single man sleeping in bed with a book and a sheet covering him. I've added it to this blog. Do you find it objectionable? I stated that single poster could have been removed, not all of the promo, so the M/M content must have been what he had issue with. He abruptly ended the brief chat with “I’m not discussing this with you.” Then left the room. This is Hyatt Customer Service.

. . .

At breakfast I ended up meeting two marketing experts who had witnessed the removal of my promo. They stopped the Hyatt employee and questioned it. The Hyatt employee stated he was just doing what his boss told him to do. The women described the event as a “targeted attack”. I have written letters of complaint, as have others.

I'm an unhappy author.
posted by Laura at 6:55 PM
I'm an unhappy Houstonian. Just a few days before the convention opened, I was a few blocks away from the Hyatt at the HRC gala.

What the fuck? It's a convention, for christsakes. A romantic writers convention. What the fuck else is going to be there except for the promotion of sex? Sure it's sugar coated, happily ever after sex where the women always comes and so do the men, but damnit, it sex.

This is just downright embarrassing, and of course the comments in the blog deride Houston. Houston! The third largest gay community in the country! That Hyatt manager needs to get the hell out of inside the loop and let professionals do the job.


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