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This is a long, complicated story that starts with a full sized washer and dryer that were taking up an amazing amount of space in my second bedroom when I bought the house (four years ago Monday, wow....) and ends with my needing to rip out my kitchen floor and part of the cabinets sometime in the next few months.

Currently, my kitchen floor is some sort of Pergo-like laminate that I've hated ever since I walked into the house the first time. I suspect that the previous owners put it down right before they sold the house to me.

A while ago I noticed a discoloration under part of the floor. Then black spots. Then I noticed water leaking from my washer/dryer. I discontinued use of my washer/dryer in my kitchen and poured a shitload of clorox on the discoloration. The black spots went away.

But clorox was a stop-gap measure. I need to fix the washer/dryer, pull out the floor, investigate how bad the subfloor is damaged, and reinstall the kitchen floor (and possibly the subfloor). I also need to replace the cabinets where the washer/dryer resides, which are the same cabinets where the kitchen sink and dishwasher reside.

Basically, I need to almost completely redo my kitchen...


But sometimes you get a break. My break came today. In the form of an e-mail from my brother, the architect. He, it turns out, got an e-mail from one of the vendors that his firm deals with. The e-mail said this: Tile Yard Sale.

The ceramic tiles start at $0.50 a square foot. Porcelain at $0.90. Marble at $2.00. Granite at $3.00. Limestone at $2.50. Slate at a dollar.

The thought that I could retile my kitchen floor, spending no more than $200 on materials makes me downright giddy. (We estimate my kitchen is about 120, 130 square feet. We'll buy 200 square feet of whatever we end up buying.)

And did I mention that I hate my countertops too???

And that I've been fantasizing about putting tile on my disco fireplace?

The sale starts at 9:00 Saturday morning. I'll be there at 9:01.
Tags: home improvement

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