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I think I need a new kitchen floor.

My current floor is some sort of laminate (I think it's Pergo or one of its knockoffs) was installed by the previous owners, and I'm not sure that they properly sealed it. I've been watching over the last week, with increasing alarm, an area one one of the tiles that seems to have absorbed some water. Over the last few days, some black spots have appeared.

I poured bleach on the black spots today, hoping that would help kill whatever's growing, but I'm not happy about this.

I'm going to have to rip out the current floor (which I've never really liked), and put in something else.

I've called Jose to come and take a look at it and think of some alternatives. He has some connections and may be able to get me some flooring at deep discounts or wholesale. Jose suggested maybe cork.

I'm sort of inclined to go with Flor carpeting (more at Design Within Reach, the tiles are nearly 20 inches square, and I'm sort of thinking about the bottom three tiles), which may be a little more expensive per square foot, but I can design and install myself. The price varys depending on the type I get. I'm looking for the simplest and cheapest and most durable flooring I can find.

Of course, I need to figure out where this moisture is coming from. There aren't any pipes under the floor there as far as I can tell (I leaned under the house to see if there was any water dripping down, but I didn't crawl under to see if there was a leak). It's right in front of my washer/dryer, but the pipes go out the back there. All of the pipes hang a few inches under the house, so I don't understand where the water is coming from.
Tags: home improvement, things that suck

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