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Things that make me happy

Driving past the Soto statue this morning, I got a big ass grin on my face. I LOVE this statue. It makes me happy. In fact, I told my siblings a few weeks ago, if they're ever consulting with a putative fiance about where to ask me to marry him, inside that statue would be perfect.

At any rate, here is a non-exhaustive list of things that make me happy:

1.) Springtime in Houston, Texas. Flowers, beautiful weather, birds singing, patio life. Weather that isn't too hot or too cold, so I can leave my backdoor open wide and the dogs can come in or out at will.

2.) A full moon, especially right as it's rising and it's big and sometimes red and just sitting there in the sky.

3.) A smoggy sunset. Every color imaginable right over the Galleria area bursting and changing every second.

4.) A surprise phone call from my sister in California. All I have to hear is "Hello," and I get a big ass grin on my face.

5.) The song "Such Great Heights" by Postal Service. I dunno why, and given my musical tastes, I wouldn't have guessed this to a song that would make me happy, but there you go...

6.) When I find out that artist friends can quit their day jobs. It's happening more and more often lately, and I get overjoyed at the prospect. It's never jealousy, just happiness. Same goes for academic friends who publish.

7.) The beginning of football season.

8.) Getting to the driveway at the ranch.

9.) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's such a damned good movie, even though it's not necessarily a happy movie. I leave it invigorated.

10.) Buying and giving presents to people. I love finding the perfect thing for someone else.

11.) Knowing something that can help someone. You guys have no idea how hard it is not to just throw out all sorts of legal advice.

12.) Dancing. Even if I'm no good at it.

13.) Being girly every now and then. It's not in my nature, and it doesn't happen that often, but every now and then I'll start wearing my pink maribou slippers and throw on some glitter and get giddy over being girly. The next day I usually end up playing in the mud.