'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Crazy dog

Did i ever tell you guys about Zapata? He was seventeen weeks old when he came to the family and apparently waiting that long to socialize a dog really screws up their interpersonal relationships. He didn't have the proper exposure to other dogs and people when he was a baby puppy, and as a result, he's subject to panic attacks whenever he's out of his element and might encounter someone or something that he doesn't know. My mom has been working with him forever, and he's a really, really obedient dog. He'll do anything she asks him to do, but he just has these panic attacks when he's on walks or people come over. It takes him forever to calm down again. Anyhow, he went through puppy training and everything, and one of the trainers said that he looked like he may need professional help. As it became obvious that all of the training in the world wasn't going to help, my mom took him to A&M for an evaluation from a behavioralist. Zapata is now on Zoloft and he has all sorts of new training regimines to follow to keep him calm. I feel really bad for him, because he really is one of the sweetest dogs in the world when he is calm. He's loving and sweet, and he'll do anything you ask him to. He just loses control when he's out of familiar territory. I hope that the Zoloft helps.
Tags: zapata

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