'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Airline pricing rant

So last week, Continental announces fare hikes because of fuel costs. The same day a stupid Texan looked around at oil prices, figured the fare hike was here to stay and bought her tickets for the fourth of july weekend, even though they were $40 higher than they had been the day before. Today, Continental says the fare hike didn't work and lowered the price again.


In happier news, Liv and I talked last night and firmed up plans a bit. Her friend Kaylie is going with us, and at this point, I think we're going to leave from Liv's work in the East Bay on Friday afternoon, drive north for a few hours, find a place to stay, and just meander up the coast on Rt. 1 for the rest of the weekend. We'll come back down 101 on Monday.

I've heard something about a Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon, though that may be a bit ambitious for us, and I'm not quite sure if we'd be able to get tickets anyways.

I think it's safe to say that we'll hit Mendocino at the very least by Saturday morning, though I think it'd be cool to get there on Friday night if we can. Eureka will, I think, be our goal for Saturday night, and then we can meander up to Redwood National Park on Sunday, and make our return trip on Monday.

I don't think Liv and I have the power to not yell "Eureka!" if we actually end up there.

This is going to be a fun trip.
Tags: things that suck, travel

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