'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

mod living

ooh, and I forgot.

A few days ago, my mom and I went to eat lunch at the museum. We do this on a regular basis, since the museum is walking distance from her house and just a few stops away on the light rail from my work. We usually eat lunch and then wander upstairs to the bookstore to check things out. We can ALWAYS find stuff in the museum bookstore.

I ended up picking up a book on prefabricated houses, because I've heard that this is a really cool, inexpensive new direction that architecture is going in, and I wanted to read more about it.

Anyhow, the book sent me to the internet to look stuff up, because I think one of these buildings would work perfectly for my back yard. Eventually, I'd like to put up another structure partially to increase property value, partially to increase living space, and maybe to use as either a home office or as a studio or both. I don't really want a garage apartment like pretty much everyone else in my neighborhood has. I saw a few buildings in the book that would work, but this one caught my fancy immediately, and I started fantasizing about what I'd do with it. The smallest version is only 14x24 feet, so it wouldn't overwhelm my back yard at all. I'm amazed that it costs about the same as a five series BMW, and transportation is included. Obviously there's work involved in the site development, but compared to designing and building a structure on site?

Anyhow, it's another thing to add to my list of fantasies about my house. Repaint, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, second house....
Tags: books, home improvement

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