'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Hacking and burning

I ended up seeing Shrek 2 on Friday night and Van Helsing on Saturday.

I really missed having Bronzers with me to watch Shrek 2. The first movie, I saw with gypsy86, and we could laugh together at the jokes that the rest of the theater was too stupid (or young) to get. This time, I had no one. I'd burst into laughter and the small child next to me just looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. There was a moment that no one else in the world would get but my family ("One is the loneliest number..."), so I guess the kid probably was right on that one particular score.

Moving on. The weekend was uneventful. My mom and I hung out for part of Saturday, and then my dad took us to lunch, and Claudia joined us. We played at Microcenter after that (my mom bought a new iMac for herself), and then Claudia and I went on an epic shopping trip to Target. I think we bought underwear and dog bones. I think the powers that be at Target read my livejournal. At any rate, they only gave me one bag.

Saturday night, I took the dogs home and then went to see Van Helsing. There were points in the movie where I actually looked at my watch, where I wondered how on earth anyone could write, act, direct, set or otherwise be associated with particular scenes. Hugh Jackman is a hottie, though, so that helped a little. I didn't find out until this morning that the moppetys were also in the same theater. That would have at least made the movie fun to snark on. I went home and watched Timeline, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Gerard Butler, who played Dracula in the otherwise forgettable Dracula 2000, was in it and got to use his normal Scottish accent. Very hot.

On Sunday, I woke up and replanted probably fifty ferns. I moved them from one side of my back yard to the other, and now I have a big gaping hole in my backyard where the ferns used to be. The grand plan, which may be accomplished next weekend, will be to put in a lily pond there. Whether I can afford to do it or not is debatable right now, but my hands aren't really looking forward to the prospect because of the blisters from the fern transplant program. My hands went on to iron a pile of clothes that had been sitting since at least before May started, and then to clean my house a bit. I thought about going to see Troy after that, but I just couldn't get the energy, so I ordered Thai food and watched Paycheck on DVD. Again, not a terrible movie. I slept ok.

Happy belated birthday to lawgeekgurl. I would have been there on Saturday, but I wasn't quite up for the 1000 mile drive.

Lesee, anything else? Nothing really. I'm wearing a fancy (for work) dress right now because my uncle is taking me out to dinner tonight for my birthday (belated).

My boss's grand plans for me include moving me to the legal office (I'm part of that office, but I'm on the compliance side right now), giving me a honking raise and a hell of a lot more responsibility. I'm not adverse to any of that.

I itch all over due to pulling weeds and ferns, ironing my arm, and I have gardener's thighs.

And tomorrow, I make my debut at body camp. I'm going to die.
Tags: garden, memories, movies, weekend update, work

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