'stina (texaslawchick) wrote,

Vets and viruses

On to happier things.

Crianza went to the vet this morning. Before she was taken "to the back" to do whatever evil thing it is that they do back there, we were looking at the chart for what pulik are supposed to be, and I guessed that Crianza wasn't quite at the lower limit. I was right. She weighs just under 22 pounds, and the range for pulik is 22-33 pounds. And aside from the toenail incident from a few days ago, she's a happy healthy puppy. Her very pregnant vet was pleased to see her right before maternity leave. Barring some unforeseen trip to the vet, there won't be any interruption in Crianza's vet care due to the birth of her vet's baby. Relampago goes tomorrow to get his stiches taken out and for a general exam. His vet is in his 60s and male, so I doubt that he'll be going out on maternity leave. He weighed about 35 pounds when he had his surgery, but some of that is fur, so I'm guessing he's probably in the range too.

I spent a good part of my morning reading. Somehow I picked up a virus on my computer yesterday, and the tech guy was here for a long time trying to get it out. Fortunately, he found a patch (though none of the major commercial sites had the patch worked out yet) around two o'clock and I was able to get back online and to my e-mail and files.

It's been raining torrentially today. I fear that the dirt rut in front of my house is now a moat. How I'll get home is a good questions, as there aren't any drains left on the street during the reconstruction. I fear that I'll end up having to park several blocks away and have to hike to the house. I keep telling myself that the road repaving project is a good thing for me, because one day I'll be able to have a real live driveway, with real live gutters, and a real live curb. And then I can do the rose garden in the front. But the fact that Relampago doesn't even bark at the backhoe guy anymore, gets me all dejected. There's no point in barking. The backhoe guy is going to be there for awhile.
Tags: crianza, relampago, road construction

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