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I love Target. I somehow end up at Target at least once a month. Sometimes more. You can get anything at Target. Toilet paper. Paper clips. Socks. DVDs. Car washing sponges. Random kitchen utensils. Useless crap and fairly useful crap.

I love Target. Money gets sucked out of my account and into Target's and I never complain, because I know I got stuff I needed. Though half the time when I look around the house ten minutes after putting everything away, I can't remember what it was that I just spent $102.37 on.

Anyhow, as much as I love Target, I have a mild complaint. I'm not quite sure who to address it to, but I sorta feel that this is a management issue, because no matter which check out person I go to, no matter which store I go to, the same damned thing happens.

Folks, you need to rethink your bagging policies.

I understand and appreciate that you sell a lot of categories of things, and that insect repellant probably shouldn't go in the same bag as the oreos, and there's something kinda weird about putting the dog bones in with the cutesy underwear, but it is not necessary to put every single item into its own individual bag. Those of us that shop at Target appreciate that it's an all encompassing store, and we're willing to live with having the third season of the Simpsons in the same bag as the windex.

Say, to use last night as an example, I am buying an 8x10 picture frame, a package of rawhide dog bones, two cami tops, a sharpie, a pack of gel pens, a half gallon of blue bell sherbet, two liters of diet coke, a bottle of clorox and a bottle of clorox 2. I'm thinking three, maybe four bags will be sufficient to get me to my car, and that's only because the chlorox/diet coke bottles are big. I'm thinking that I will be in a position to be able to carry everything back to the car without having to use the cart.

Seven bags.

Each bottle got its own bag, the bag of dog bones got its own bag, and the picture frame got its own bag. The rest of the stuff (cami tops, sharpie, pens, sherbet) were burdened with sharing a bag, though the sherbet was a special case, because it got to be in its own bag inside the shared bag.

This is beginning to border on ridiculous. There can be harmony among the goods that I purchase at Target. They can peacefully coexist in the durable plastic bag for the short duration of the car ride home.

It's rare that any corporation gives its customers anything for free, and I appreciate the gesture. But there's only so much I can do with so many plastic bags. My dogs crap, true, but not nearly enough to keep up with the influx of 8 to 15 plastic bags per trip to Target. Being the guilty liberal that I am, I feel bad just throwing them away, but it's getting to the point that I have no choice.

In short, dear management at the Target Corporation, please consider retraining your staff on bagging items purchased at your fine establishment.

Of course, on my next trip to Target, they'll throw everything in one big bag, it will break in the parking lot half way to my car, throwing dishwashing liquid all over the binders and hair clips and cheap paperback and George Foreman grill that I just bought.
Tags: science, things that suck

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