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Suffice it to say that a lot of text was eaten and it was riveting and fascinating and you all missed out on it, because my stupid computer is an idiot. This is a reenactment.

I talked about the art opening on Friday night, which went longer than I expected but did mean that I got to find out about this very cool bar/coffee house/restaurant not too far from my house called Byzantio. For those that know Houston, it's across the street from Barnaby's on West Grey, close to the West Grey Cafe. I think they have belly dancing every Thursday night. Anyhow, the monsoon that was to plague Saturday started that night, but we were out on the patio and felt that the umbrella was sufficient protection from the rain.

The next morning, in the pouring rain, I woke up early and took Eric, one of Claudia's staff members, to the airport. Since it was sort kinda on the way, and I was out of pupperoni, I stopped at Target on my way home. Target at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday is very quiet. I got some dog food, pupperoni, some picture albums and a few DVDs. When I got home, I went back to bed, and wasn't hauled out until Claudia called around noonish wanting sushi.

That afternoon, the rain was monsoony. Torrents and buckets falling down, and the dogs were restless. The living room, incidently, makes for a nice jogging trail if you're willing to improvise a little. I was a spectator, not a participant, of the physical activities. I also started the monumentous task of sorting photos and putting them in albums. The last time I touched photos was the day Zapata came home, two years ago Sunday. The last time I had stuff developed was maybe a year ago. And I have over 700 digital photos that I've never had processed. So earlier last week, I sent prints to shutterfly, as an experiment, and they came in on Friday. I had a LOT to sort through.

At some point during the rainy afternoon, a trip to Ikea that I've been putting off for awhile seemed like a good idea. I ended up getting a full length mirror for my bedroom and a rug for under my new vanity. Plus picture frames. When I got home, and let out the dogs, and let in the dogs, and assembled the mirror (it's free standing and it's from Ikea: required assembly is implied), and figured out where to put the rug, I was already running late for the party I was supposed to go to. I showered, changed, got input from the dogs, changed again, and ran like hell to get to the party by 8:00. Fortunately, it was the sort of party that starts at seven and showing up at 8 isn't a big deal. If the opening on Friday was Claudia's last ever opening, this was her second to last big event as the Executive Director of the Art League. It was a party for their Texas Artist of the Year, and the event was at one of the board member's house. The board member can be a prick, but he's a very avid art collector, and it's always amazing to see what is in his home. Several pieces are on loan to museums, and he's constantly adding to the collection. I spent a half hour talking with him about his choices for his next acquisition. Anyhow, it was a fun party, and I bugged out early and went to bed around 11:00.

If Saturday was ugly, Sunday was BEAUTIFUL. I mean breathtaking. No humidity, no clouds, mild temperatures. It was as if Houston had been teleported to another climate. So of course, most of the day was spent outside. We* mowed the lawn, we barked at the neighbor dogs, we romped, we sat in the sun and basked, we moved to the shade and basked, we chatted with neighbors, we patrolled the back yard. It was awesome. At some point, I noted that I didn't like the configuration of my bedroom with the new mirror, so I spent a good two hours rearranging everything. I'm very happy with my new bedroom. I called Claudia and invited her and Holden to come over for crawfish in the backyard. We lit the torches back there, and my parents called to say they were back from Dallas and they could swing by to pick up Zapata, so I called Goode Company and got more gumbo.

Claudia watched Alias while I hid in my room, and then we bawled over Big Fish. Damn that Albert Finney. He knows how to charm the hell out of me. He has since he was in his 20s.

*Note: not all of us participated in all of these activities.
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