February 22nd, 2014

reading again

Salt lick

Graham is in Austin tonight at a monthly gig, and for the first time in awhile I have the evening to myself.  It's been a few months.  Last night, he left pretty late at night, and I went to bed shortly after, so it wasn't like it is when the club is open and I don't see him from about 6:00 p.m. until he comes home at one or two in the morning.  He won't be home until tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be spending a little more time on my own without him. This morning I told him I'd miss him terribly.  He pointed out that I went to Seattle for three!whole!days! two weeks ago. I don't see how that's remotely the same as his leaving me.

I did some putzing around. Stuff I sometimes do when Graham's not here.  Like thoroughly cleaned out the refrigerator. Plugged in my itunes to the big stereo in the living room.  Sorted some paper work.  Worked with Celosa and Fusilli on some commands. Gave the cat (Liv's cat Giblet is visiting while Liv is abroad for ten days) attention.

Then, because I'm not going to watch Olympics without Graham, I settled down in Crianza's chair to read my current book.  The cat settled in on the cushion behind me, and the pooches were at my feet, chewing on some rawhide.  About an hour in, my book (The Dog Stars, by Peter Heller) got unbelievably sad, to the point that tears were streaming down my face, but Celosa and Fusilli knew exactly what to do.  Celosa hopped up on the side of the chair and started kissing me. Methodically, assertively, almost dominating me in the way that Celosa always kisses me. It was, as always, comforting and overwhelming.  And when she hopped off, Fusilli hopped up and cleaned up my face, finding all of the salt trails on my cheeks and cleaning them up.  If Celosa kisses, Fusilli hugs.  And so he did. Pushing his body into me and telling me that everything was ok.  The cat was a cat about the whole thing.  These bodies, these little souls that understand so much.  I don't really need studies to tell me how emotionally connected they are. When they felt that I was ok, they got down and resumed whatever it was they were doing before.  But they never strayed far from me when I picked up the book again.

They want me to go to bed now.  Celosa hates it when we stay up past what she thinks her bedtime is.  Eventually, she goes on her own, but she doesn't like it.  Fusilli will just agree to be where ever I am. Right now, she's next to my desk, hoping that this last hop on the computer was for something quick, not a long game or facebook or blog reading.  The pooches are pro ipad. You interact more with a person if she has an ipad.  He's on the couch in the living room, ready to move on into the bedroom if necessary, but ok with just hanging out.  
law geek


Yesterday, I rearranged my office at work.

I've been in the same office since 2003, maybe 2004.  It is a pretty big coup, because it has big windows, and it's secluded.   I got it because it was smaller than another office when we moved and someone with higher seniority wanted the bigger office, and I've kept it over several reorganizations and reconfigurations.  There have been a few threats to move me over the years, and I know at least one person is highly annoyed that I have it and she doesn't.  But I've managed to keep a pretty strong hold on it.

At any rate, in the 10 or so years that I've been in there, it's been roughly configured the same.  Two or three years ago, during one of the reconfigurations, it grew by 18 inches, which was awesome. But the orientation has always been the same.  This is mainly due to the shape of the desk, which is a wrap around on three sides, and there's not much I can do about that.  But I've always faced the corner away from the door and the windows due to where the desk was designed for the computer.  Sometimes I don't even know that it's raining because I stare at my computer for hours on end and don't glance out the coveted windows as often as I should.  And people sneak up on me all the time because my back is to the door.

Yesterday, I moved everything around, so I'm now facing the door and the windows.  It didn't take much to move, though I'm sure over the next week or so I'll be making small adjustments about where I keep pens or files I'm working on or whatever.  I'm sure it'll take a while to get used to.  And I'm sure there will be small annoyances.  But on the whole, I like this so far.

I didn't spend days or week thinking about this before I did it.  I just looked at my environment at some point yesterday and thought, "I could move stuff."

I think, though, it was probably a need for change in some fundamental way.  In the last year, I interviewed for three jobs.  I got one, didn't get two.  I especially wanted the last one, because I thought it was a really good way for me to grow my skill sets in a way that wasn't too disruptive to my whole life.  In no way do I dislike my job. My work is really interesting, and by and large, I like the people I work with.   I'm not even as underpaid as I had been in the first decade or so of working here.  But I've been literally in the same place for over a decade, and I need some change.  For now, it's about three feet.  And for now, that'll be a pretty major change.