February 20th, 2014


An honest to goodness post

So, for whatever reason, I went back into some older entries from my journal and realized how damned prolific I used to be in documenting my life in this here livejournal.  I went back just a few years, and it seemed like every day I had profound, witty things to say about my life.

I suppose I probably do still, but for some reason it's harder to get this stuff out on page.  I've noticed that the last few years have been reduced to documenting the big stuff, like the wedding and the kitchen and trips and Fusilli.  It's not the day-to-day like it used to be.  I think in some respects, it's that facebook has supplanted the day-to-day.  In other respects it's that facebook has a much wider audience, and this is linked enough to facebook that I don't feel that it's a separate sphere as much as it used to be.

So I think I'll post as I used to, and see if I can find that old rhythm again.

For the last week and a half, Graham and I have been engrossed in the Olympics.  This started four years ago, when we stumbled upon a race of cross country skiing that was commented upon by Chad Salmela, a former biathalete and current coach. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport was infectious, and this year, we were actively looking forward to any sport on cross country skis.  We've had a blast, but I think we'd like to get back to our regularly scheduled programming (literally) soon.  It's exhausting.

Two weeks ago, I went to Seattle/Tacoma for a dear friend's wedding.  Graham was supposed to go with me, but then his nightclub moved.  They shut down right before Christmas, and they were supposed to reopen the day of my friend's wedding.  He was supposed to dj the wedding, but ended up having to bow out all together for the re-opening of the club.  Of course, at the last minute, he found out that the construction has been delayed until at least late March, but by that time, it was too late to change plans. Instead, I stayed with two other girlfriends from Houston, and we had a nice girl's weekend.  I think he would have liked Seattle.  A rare snowstorm hit the city while we were there, and while it was treacherous, it was also really pretty. The city was still celebrating the Superbowl win, and out friend was so happy.

Fusilli is supposed to be in a few shows in March, and I need to start working with him again on how to do this whole dog show thing. When we got him, I agreed to show him until he got his championship.  In order to do that, he needs to win 12 points, and six of those points need to come from "majors" are shows with lots of pulis in them.  We were a mess our first show, and we got progressively better until we finally did really well in our last one in November.  We still don't have any points, but we know what we're doing a little better. But since then, we've been slacking.  He's a pretty good puppy, but he's still a youngster.  In his previous shows, he was able to get away with a lot because he was showing in the "puppy" category, but now that he's a year old,  he's a grown-up, at least as far as the AKC is concerned.  So competition is with everyone. And of course, his coat is a mess.  But it's fun, in its own way, and with this and the puli group on facebook, I know the puli scene a lot better than I used to.

While Graham has been waiting for the club to finish, he's been doing odd shows.  Tonight he's playing an all electroswing night here in Houston, and on Friday he's going to Austin for a monthly gig he has going there.  He's sort of planning a west coast tour at some point, but those are very preliminary plans.  I think he's ruled out another trip to Europe this summer, which bums him out, but at the same time, he has other projects in the fire.

I went to a yoga class on Monday, and I got a 30 day pass to this particular studio that'll run out in mid-march.It's about a mile from my house, and I walked over there on Monday to take the class. It's a huge studio, with lots of people in the class, and it's heated.  I enjoyed the class I took, and I'm looking forward to others.  I think that if I can get in the habit of going, it may be a good thing to add into my life. It's a heated vinyasa class, which I haven't done before. But I liked the energy, and I liked sort of being my own little person in this massive sea of people.  With so many bodies, you're not the best and you're not the worst.  It's been years since I've taken yoga regularly, but it sort of calls to me right now.  I'll keep on going and see how far this takes me.