July 25th, 2012


Electrician woes

When we last heard from our heroes, the kitchen floor was complete and a cabinet or two got constructed.

Since then, there's been a flurry of activity.

On Friday, ALL of the cabinets were constructed, leaving a ton of cardboard that required two trips to the recycling center.

These cabinets were then put into place.

And by the end of the day on Friday, everything was where it needed to be.

A few things required adjustment. For example, the outlet for the microwave needed to be moved to the left about six inches. The power cord for the range hood needed to be moved to the left about 20 inches and up about eight inches.

On Saturday, we got all the doors on their hinges and more or less adjusted. We couldn't put the drawers in the island, though, because the electrical outlets still needed to be installed.

After 21 days living at my parents' house, I moved back into our house on Saturday night.

And by Sunday, it was starting to look like a real kitchen. All we needed was the contractors to return for the final installs.

I painted the wall in our bedroom with some primer to make it look less sheetrock-y.

On Monday, Graham had everyone lined up. There were calls into the electrician, the plumbers, and the counter-top people. He also got a lot of the hardware in for the doors that we already had up. Of course, no one came. We stopped at IKEA for a template for the drawers to ensure that those handles would be even.

Tuesday, the plumbers came. Sink: operational WITH water filter. Gas line: attached. Hot water heater: replaced. Joy, rapture, ecstasy. The plumbers only have to come back one more time to hook up the stove whenever it gets here. We started priming the kitchen walls and ceiling, avoiding the areas that the electrician would have to work. Of course, he didn't show up.

Today, the counter-top people came to measure. We can now buy the plywood decking and install that (it will require one cut at Home Depot). Two weeks from now, our new counter-top will be here. Electrician, still a no-show.

Tonight, Graham called the electrician and let him have it. Supposedly he will be at the house at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to wait around the house, because Graham has jury duty. This may be for the best, because those two aren't exactly on speaking terms right now. I think it's just the nature of contractors that they don't show when they say they will; Graham thinks it's the height of unprofessionalism. Since I'm not the one who's been waiting around for three days, I'm guessing he's right. But I'm also the one that will have to deal with the fall out if there is any.

The problem, of course, is that the electrician is in the way of completion. We can't do anything with the island without his work having been done. We can't put in the microwave and the items in that cabinet. We can't finish painting, because he has things to do on the walls that we're working on. The other items we need to do to finish up (cleaning the floors, installing the backsplash, installing trim) require the electrical work to have been finished. So we're at a standstill.

Hopefully a temporary standstill, but a standstill nonetheless.

Here's hoping that tomorrow's report will be better.

In other news Celosa enjoys the hell out of being at her grandparents' house.