July 14th, 2012


Checkerboards and Adventures at IKEA

Friday was another terribly exciting and productive day.

Graham picked me up at lunch for another trip to Home Depot, this time for more drywall mud another two sheets of cement board for the floor. While we were there, he told me that David brought a helper, and together they finished up the first round of mudding on the walls and ceilings and were starting to get the cement board down on the floor. AND by the end of the day,...

...half of the tiling is done!! It was less than ideal when yet another rainstorm hit (in the past week, the weather station near my house has logged 5.03 inches of rain), because the equipment they'd been using to cut the cement board and tile had to be moved from the outside to the inside, increasing the dust level in the house by another thousandfold. But progress!

The kitchen looks so big without the appliances in it. And the blue and white looks absolutely perfect. David made them very close in spacing, so grouting is going to be very simple (and fairly easy to maintain).

After inspecting the amazing floors this morning, Graham and I made the trek to IKEA that has been the center of this project for about two years. I started the design process for the kitchen at least two years ago, if not more. I changed layouts. I changed doors. I changed cabinet features. I got to know the online kitchen design program backwards and forwards. Mine was the third IKEA kitchen that I'd designed, and it was the one I spent the most time on.

We needed to get to $4500 in kitchen purchases from certain lines to get a 20% discount. So our first mission was to ensure that what we had in our cart qualified for the discount. After eliminating two shelves because they didn't count, but adding a cabinet covering to make the island look seamless, we were short $151.22. We spent an hour going through the various drawer accessories and adding them to our cart, cursing IKEA's reasonable prices as we went. Finally, an in-sink colander got us to $4507. We will have an awesomely organized kitchen.

It took about another hour and a half for the floor staff to go through and process the order, so we wandered around, pausing at one of those mock apartments to hang out. We noticed more IKEA shoppers carrying umbrellas, so we figured it started raining again.

When we got back to check on the status, it turned out that the hardware we selected had been discontinued, and we had to pick out another line. It also turned out that two items we wanted were not in stock: the stove and the corner base cabinet. The stove was not a great surprise, as we'd heard that it wasn't normally kept in stock last week when we were doing recon. The corner cabinet gave us a bit of a start, as it's sort of what we were intending on building the kitchen around, since it has the most pieces attached to it. Turns out that the corner cabinet should be in by late next week, which is around the time we were planning on installing the kitchen. *phew* The stove, on the other hand, has about a six week wait. This does not make Graham happy, but there's not much we could do about it.

Still, we could get the 20% off of everything else we bought, AND the 20% will apply to the stove and cabinet we weren't able to get today. And we ended up paying very little for our kitchen, thanks to the very generous gift cards our friends and family gave us for our wedding.

The kitchen staff liked our floor and overall design concept, and they asked for pictures when we come back for the other things. I think Graham has a calendar item set in his phone now to check weekly if the stove has come in.

We arranged for the delivery of our new kitchen for next Wednesday. And David should be back on Tuesday to finish up the floors and walls. I imagine a good hunk of the cabinets will be up by the end of the week!! How terribly exciting!

Another trip to Home Depot (more thin set mortar for the tiling), and we're done for the weekend. No kitchen stuff tomorrow. Back to the grind on Monday, whenin we will attempt to put up the drywall in our bedroom without David.