July 11th, 2012


It's been __1__ days since last accident on this jobsite

Much progress made in the last 24 hours. And a minor setback.

The plumbing got moved and the electrical rough ins are done! I got most of the last board of shiplap off! I injured my hand prying off some of the shiplap between the old door frame going into the kitchen and the exterior wall!

First, the plumbing and electrical:

The plumbers apparently had a rough time of it, but they were able to tear out a section of shiplap in the middle wall, take out the old pipes, and move them inside the wall. They will come back later to install the gas line and attach it to the stove, and attach the sink to the new plumbing there. Apparently we could stand to get a new line from the city water, but we can wait a little on that.

The electrician moved a light switch from the old wall to the exterior wall. He also moved two outlets from the old wall to the floor for the island. And he added two outlets for the microwave and the vent hood. Plus moved another outlet, and added a 220 outlet for the stove.

AND he replaced our ancient panel:

When I got home, he was still working on it. And I got changed to start pounding on the last piece of shiplap that I knew that I could get off. I got all of the nails out except the ends.

All I had to do to get it off was move a bit of wood from the old door frame. I was using a prybar, and I got a whole hunk off.

But on one board I pulled too hard, and my hand flew back straight into a piece of aluminum that used to be our backsplash. We'd been using it as an industrial dustbin.

Sliced my knuckle open.

I bled all over the house and all over Graham, who bandaged me up and declared me to not need stitches. He pulled me off work for the night AND he told me that now that I've injured myself, I'm not allowed to work on the house for the whole rest of the project without gloves. It's apparently a rule in the manual labor industry (in which he has much more experience than I do). I was feeling a little lightheaded, and so I agreed that maybe for now I should stop.

David got here this morning, and he got the rest of the wall down. Shiplap and 2x4s are gone. He also boarded up the old doorway between the kitchen and the bedroom with some of the shiplap, so the cabinets have something to hang on. And he's torn out a lot of the ceiling drywall because there are some loose boards up there. I suspect our house is even more tank-like than it was before.

Home Depot delivered drywall, screws, thinset mortar and cement board to the house this morning, and Graham and I made a trip at lunch for some grout and drywall mud. There's a new Bagster in the back yard for the rest of the wall and other assorted building materials.

Drywall goes up tomorrow! And I think tiling begins the day after.

And Saturday, I think, is our major IKEA buy.