July 5th, 2012

Married to Graham

a photo dump

I've FINALLY put all of our pictures up on Flickr.   I have another hundred or so from various people's cameras still on my computer, but they are generally of one group of people more than the wedding itself:

Wedding DIY and Prep  All of the photos of my various DIY efforts before the wedding. I took most of these, and you'll see all of my various tutorials documented here.

Wedding Invitations Our invitations. Our graphic designer was Michelle Avina in Houston. She still does some freelance from time to time.

Wedding Photobooth Featured on the Offbeat Bride Blog, these are the pictures from our photo booth.

Wedding Ceremony Taken by our friends during our wedding ceremony, mostly culled from facebook.

Reception Taken by our friends during our reception, mostly culled from facebook.

Home First sneak peek at professional photos. Awesome picture of my mom featured on the Monday Montage on Offbeat Bride two weeks ago.

Rehearsal dinner Professional photos of the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Preparation and Ceremony Professional photos of the lead up and the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Portraits Professional portraits taken immediately after the ceremony of family and of me and Graham.

Reception and dancing Professional photos at the reception including dancing (the Home set, above, is included in this set) Our photographer is my cousin, Jenny Jenkins out of Austin. I don't think she has a website up and running yet, but if anyone is looking for someone who I think did an EXCELLENT job, get in touch with me and I'll be happy to hook you up.

*bonus* For those who are also curious about the renovation, I'm documenting that as well:

The Kitchen Renovation  We registered for gift cards from IKEA, so we could redo our kitchen.  We got enough to pay for all of the new cabinets.  We started last week, and spent yesterday pulling down most of the wall between our kitchen and dining room, and are full on into major kitchen renovation.  Go from one massive, stressful but ultimately awesome life changing project to another, I always say. Contractors? Very similar to vendors. DIY, in spades! Woo!