June 7th, 2012


Dancing queen

My mother dancing

Yesterday Graham had surgery (yay health insurance!!), and I took the day off to get him to the hospital and take care of him the first few hours after the surgery.  Right when he was beginning to lose the fuzziness of anesthesia, the FedEx people came with the CDs of our wedding photos!

My cousin did an awesome job with the packaging and the presentation and the photos and everything.  We really loved how everything came out, and it was a treat to lay in bed with my recovering husband and relive the day.

One of the things that I missed, but my cousin captured, was a huge group of friends who started dancing to "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, which is one of my favorite songs and means a lot to my friends due to this video. (Well, that, and it being an awesome song.)  In the middle of the fray was my mom.

My mom never wanted a wedding. She and my dad eloped. Her parents eloped. Her grandparents eloped. All her siblings eloped.  She wanted a party, but not a wedding. But we wanted a wedding, so my mom did everything in her power to make my wedding the most amazing event possible.  She worked tirelessly for three months straight to get the ranch ready for the wedding. She gardened, she remodeled a house.  She painted a goat statue purple. She pulled weeds. She arranged for the catering.  She was there a full ten days before the wedding to make everything perfect.  And she helped make it the most amazing experience I've ever had.

I loved all of the pictures 473 pictures my cousin sent, and I'll get around to posting them sooner or later once I absorb them all.  But this series of my mom dancing with my friends may possibly be my favorite.  My mom looks so happy and relaxed and like this is the party she wanted.  She threw herself wholeheartedly into the dance.

Click the link, and hit "next" to see my mom dancing.  I think you'll be able to quickly figure out which one she is.

Edited to add a picture of us during the ceremony: