May 15th, 2012



Yesterday was my one-month wedding anniversary.
Today, it's been ten years that I've owned my house.
Tomorrow, I turn 39 years old.


So far, the major change in our lives is that Graham now has health insurance. Yay marriage!

Soon, though, we'll start work on the kitchen remodel. We have pretty much everything, cash and gift card wise, to do it. But we need to finish a few things around the house before we get started. I think that we'll probably start soft demo in mid-June, and the hard core stuff starts in the first week of July.

At the same time, I'm meeting tonight with someone to talk about an installation at Burning Man. I'm hoping to join the project if it doesn't sound like a complete disaster. We'll see. Right now, they have a great idea, but I have no idea what the execution will be like. Or what the people are like. But it'd be cool to work on something big, to contribute something to the open playa. So we'll see.

Other than that, I have another few projects that I want to do in the near future, and Burning Flipside is next week, so I'm not having too many post-wedding blues. Apparently the key is to keep yourself super crazy busy.

Noir, the cat who is not our cat, came by today for the first time since the tail incident. He seemed to be in good spirits. He asked for breakfast, said hi to Celosa, let me pick him up, and then went on his way. His fur needs to grow back on his arm and tail stump, but I think he'll be ok.