April 25th, 2012

Married to Graham

The party!

There were about 220 people at our wedding, so there are about 225 versions of the party that followed the ceremony. Immediately afterwards, we were swarmed with people, and I hugged and hugged and hugged. Almost everyone was wiping away tears, and people were constantly telling us that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that they'd ever seen.

We certainly weren't going to argue the point. I thought it was odd that I made it through with my voice cracking only a little towards the end of my vows. Graham made it through more or less unscathed, but our loved ones were bawling all around us.

We made our way to a pre-designated rose bush, and after about ten minutes of wrangling, we got Graham's dad's family organized for a few photographs. Then my family joined in. And then Graham's mom. And my mom's family. And then my dad's family. Considering how much family was there, it was pretty impressive that we got the photos done within about 30 minutes. Collapse )

Graham and I fell into bed, and we tried to talk, but we were so tired we just fell asleep.... married!