April 12th, 2012


What to do if you over-order invitations

Invitation photo booth backdrop

I had a ton of leftover invitations and inserts due to a printing snafu, and my dad had the brilliant idea of using them for decor.  And so I decided to use them for the backdrop of the photo booth.  Hole punch, string, a piece of wood and some nails, and I have an awesome backdrop for my photo booth. .

I learned that if you do this outside in a windy place, it's a good idea to weigh down the bottoms.  I did it by grabbing another board, nailing some tacks into it, and stringing the bottoms to the tacks.

The photo booth won't show the bottom or the top.

Two more days!!

Graham's mother and I went to a local nursery earlier today so she could buy my mother a plant.  It's lovely.

Tables and chairs got here yesterday.  Camera and remote was tested for photo booth. Plants are all arranged. Garden looks great, and my favorite rose decided to go crazy with the blooming.

White Meidiland