April 9th, 2012

flying high

Five days!!

I'm just back from the ranch, where I spent the weekend with my parents and my sister, and we got a TON done.  I have one day of work, and then tomorrow I have a bunch of errands and last minute details.  And the next day we leave and won't come home until we're married!

I think that I can let any and all weather concerns go. This was the weekly weather forecast this morning for Houston, which is admittedly 100 miles east of the ranch. But it's usually pretty close as far as rain is concerned:

This week's weather will be warm, with highs in the mid-80s, but the nights should be drier to start, with lows falling to near 60. The big question is whether it will rain much.

There's likely to be rain and thunderstorms over north Texas today, but it's unlikely that much of this activity will sweep far enough south to reach the Houston metro area. A slightly better chance of rain could come late Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, say forecasters with the Houston/Galveston office of the National Weather Service.

But even then, more likely than not, it won't rain. And if it does, don't expect much.
Five-day rainfall accumulation forecast from NOAA. (NOAA)

After this system moves out a ridge of high pressure will likely build over the region, bringing warm days and a southeasterly breeze that will bring up humidity levels. Accordingly nighttime temperatures will rise into the upper 60s. And the weekend should feel pretty warm again.

My youngest sister got here last night, and she's driving up to the ranch with a load of stuff and will stay until the wedding.  Graham's mom gets here tomorrow, and we'll drive up on Wednesday after swinging by the airport to pick up one of my uncles.  My brother gets in on Thursday, and our other sister will pick him and bring him. Finally, my dad will pick up my aunt on Thursday and bring her.   Graham's dad and step mom get here on Thursday late, and we're having a lunch at the ranch with them on Friday.  The rehearsal is at 6:00 on Friday evening.

We got a TON done this weekend.

  • All of the wine is there and ready to be served.

  • The road was cleared of debris so people can park on a smoother surface and it looks nicer

  • My mother my sister and I arranged 15 bouquets of paper circle flowers and put them into vases.

  • I sorted 12 assortments of Kusudama centerpieces

  • Every table's centerpiece components (circle flower vase or Kusudama assortment plus sari) have been put into an individual bag, so assembly won't be much of an issue.

  • All of the plants we have in small pots are ready to go on tables

  • We moved several plants to be ready for the ceremony

  • I made anchors for three glass bouys and got them in place in the pond

  • We opened all of the tissue paper flowers so they can mark signage.

  • My dad's rehearsal dinner playlist was tested.

  • We sampled the Michiladas and declared them suitable for drinking

  • We ordered three kegs of beer to be picked up on Friday

  • We ordered 30 breakfast tacos to be picked up on Saturday morning

  • Tons of weeds were pulled

  • Half of the photo booth backdrop was finished.

  • One of the signs along the side of the road was repaired and rehung.

  • The boat that had been washed up during the flood last month was un-capsized, and put back on the pier.

  • My dad and my sister made something like a dozen loaves of bread dough that will be ready to be baked later.

The only thing I have left to do preparation wise is assemble my veil, assemble my bouquet and finish the photo booth.  The bouquet I can't do until the day before or day of, because I want to use fresh flowers from the garden. The veil is probably a 20 minute job that involves stitching ribbons onto a comb. And the photo booth I can't do until I get there.   I had thought that I'd spend my time from Wednesday to the wedding doing most of the things on the above list, but we knocked so much out this weekend that I can take my time on most of the other stuff.

And I have made a detailed list of tasks for the day of, so if the army of helpers that I have asks, I can direct them immediately to several items that need doing.
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