April 7th, 2012

from the ranch

One week!

I'm at the ranch right now for a last weekend before we come up on Wednesday for the wedding.  I'm working on my final project, which is to make a photo backdrop out of the invitations that were unused. It's actually pretty easy, though a little boring compared to other things I've done for the wedding.

It's really beautiful here, and I'm getting really excited.

I brought most of the clothes for the wedding up, mine and Graham's, and I gave my parents a fashion show last night. They both loved my wedding dress, and they went absolutely gaga over the infinity dress. The boot question is still up in the air, but since Graham is really pro-cowboy boot, I'm pretty sure that's where I'll stay.

Lots of last minute details to work through, but I think we're on a good track.

The weather report is still mostly ok.  There's a 30 percent chance of rain forecast, but I'm not too concerned.