March 27th, 2012


Wedding plans!

I feel like a terrible journal-er. I've not updated in forever, and it's not for lack of things to update.

Two weeks and four days is my wedding, and I'm terribly excited. Almost everything has been planned out, and now we're closer to final numbers. 224 people are coming, with 9 in diapers and 24 total under 15. I think there are seven outstanding RSVPs, which isn't enough to skew things in either direction. I had a mini panic attack last week when I thought maybe 250 people were coming, but now I'm feeling a whole lot better about things.

Most of my decor is done. I have a few odds and ends to finish up, but I think it'll turn out perfect. I'm working on a few more projects. But otherwise, I'm in good shape.

My dress got here two weeks ago! It's perfect! Well, almost perfect. I'm 18 pounds lighter than I was when I placed the order, so it needs a little adjustment. And it needs to be shorter. It took me forever to find the right bra, but I took it in on Saturday to be altered and it will be done next week!

And I got a new tattoo! Just for the wedding.

I have been so surrounded by these peacock colors for the last few months that I decided I needed them on myself too. And I talked at length with my artist about what I wanted, sending her to a pinterest board I created just for the tattoo, and she executed it perfectly. I was under her needle for about two hours on Friday night, and I really couldn't be happier with it. It's healing beautifully, and I think it's going to be one of my favorite tattoos ever. On anyone. It is on my left shoulder blade and it'll be fully visible with my wedding dress.

On Saturday, my sisters and 11 of my friends threw me a fantastic bachelorette party. It was essentially a slumber party at Claudia's house with a brief excursion to a cajun place for some crawfish, and then adorning me in a Princess Leia costume and a visit from an inept Lando Calrissain (his wig flew off but his tear away cape wouldn't tear away). We had just a great, great time, and I had to spend a few extra hours recovering on Sunday afternoon. But recovery involved handing my friends some craft projects and watching the first season of Buffy while we folded paper and did nothing particularly interesting.

But I recovered! And Graham and I went to the ranch on Sunday evening to drop some stuff off, and then went to the courthouse in La Grange on Monday to get our marriage license! The countryside is ridiculously beautiful right now, with an explosion of color all over the place. Especially green. It's so lush and gorgeous and every animal in Texas is overjoyed that the drought seems to have passed us by.

I finished one of my favorite projects for the wedding when we got home, and now I have just a few more to do.

Today, we went to court to testify against the guy who hit us last year. He was contesting the ticket, but when the judge wouldn't let his lawyers delay or otherwise get out of a full on trial, he caved and went to defensive driving. It may not be completely satisfactory, but it's over.

Ahh. I think that's it. So much in these last few weeks that I've barely had time to raise my head to look around. And for that I'm sorry... Just a little time left...