March 21st, 2012


Guestlist meltdown

The first time we did a pass through of our list, we had well over 300 people.  We trimmed it down to 230, and then it slowly creeped up again.  By the time the final invitation was sent, we had potentially 280 people coming to our wedding. 43 of the invitees were children, and most of those were under two years old, so we weren't panicking.

Yesterday, though, I had a full on meltdown.  Most of the RSVPs are in, and there were I think 40 outstanding.  And it was looking like we were close to 250 people coming to our wedding.  This was no where near the 220ish that I had resolved would be ok in my head.

I started sending out panicked e-mails to the outstanding RSVPs.  Most of those people had not responded, but were planning on letting me know Thursday, at a party for us.  Most of them were nos. Which was sad, but also made for a more manageable list.

With all but 18 responses, we now have 218 people coming to our wedding.  22 of them are kids, and a good hunk of those are very young and will not need their own chairs. (Our wedding is outside, we aren't planning on any seating assignments, and kids will be more than free to run around as much as they want.)   We're almost exactly on the mark for what I thought we'd end up with at the wedding.

I think ultimately, I will need to seat about 210 people at my wedding.  We have 20 tables that will fit 160 people coming in. We have another four tables that will seat 24. And another set of tables that will seat 10 to 12.   We need to come up with seating at tables for maybe another 20 people, and my panic attack will subside. I think that if we borrow four tables from friends, we'll be in good shape.  I do need to come up with a few more centerpieces, but fortunately, I had anticipated a mix and match sort of approach to centerpieces. I just need to thin them out a little more than I had anticipated.    I ordered 24 paper table cloths, and have on hand another two.  I can probably scrounge up one or two more.

It'll be a little tight, but I always sort of knew that this was going to happen.