March 9th, 2012


My dress!!

I got my dress today!

I knew I wanted it the second I saw it on the Wai Ching website, shortly after discovering Wai-Ching on the Off Beat blog well over two years ago.   I ordered it in December, right before Christmas, and I got it today! Chrissy e-mailed me on Wednedsay to let me know that it was ready. I immediately paid the balance, but I didn't expect it to show up until sometime next week.

My fiance called me to tell me it came in the mail today, and I raced home, said "screw it" regarding any traditions about him seeing me in my dress before the wedding, and tried it on.

My photographer is not a professional, and I would have preferred it if he wasn't sitting, but I made him take a gagillion pictures and these were the only ones that were near suitable.

My dress from the front

Another view

The back

At first, I was a little taken aback, because I thought I had ordered tank straps instead of a halter.  Obviously, I'm endowed, and halters are a bit hit or miss on me.  And when I tried it on without a bra, I was a little too earth mama-y.  But I hunted down a strapless bra and tried it on with that, and It actually fit marvelously.  Graham and I discussed a bit on whether or not the straps would have worked better, and we both thought that it was actually pretty damned perfect for me as it is.  Dancing may be a little more challenging than I anticipated, but I think that this will be pretty comfortable and nice throughout the day.

It needs to be shortened, and I think maybe a little tucked in around the back to ensure it doesn't fall.  I just now ordered a Va Bien 1503 long line bra, and I have really high hopes that it'll be perfect with this dress.  And I think I'm going to go ahead and get the tattoo, now that I know the color and the real estate that can be worked with.   My hair will be down for the wedding, and it'll just about hit the top of the dress.

Holy crap!! I have a dress.