February 24th, 2012


Another wedding craft project--Banners!

Essentially you can see this whole post over on my Flickr stream, but I thought I'd bring it over here in post form too.

I made about 53 yards of banners for the wedding. They'll hang outside over the dining areas to bring a little cohesion to the place.  My plan is to make a quilt after the wedding with the fabric that I used for the banners.

I bought three cotton fabrics for the banners. Purple, teal and green. Each was about 43 inches wide, and I bought three yards of each, plus two more yards of the teal and purple for other projects.  One thing I learned is that Joanns will run out or discontinue fabrics, so it is not safe to assume you can always go back and get more later. (The green, for example, was a thing of the past two weeks later when I went back for more.) What with the coupons, I think the fabrics cost me $40.

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