February 23rd, 2012


Paper flowers

I went to the ranch this weekend to work on wedding stuff. My main project was to get as much of the craft stuff out of my house as possible so I can move on to the next phase of craft stuff.

And so, 23 days after I started, my Kusudama Origami centerpieces are done. I love them!!

27 bouquets of paper flowers

I folded 800 sheets of origami paper and formed 120 flowers over the course of two weekends. I used the Folding Trees tutorial to fold them, and I used glue sticks to keep them together.  It wasn't a big deal once I got the hang of it, and I even took to folding paper at the office while on conference calls.   I threw them all into a massive IKEA tote bag, and mixed them up.  Then, this weekend, I went about forming them.

Collapse )

I'd originally thought I wouldn't finish this project until the end of March, but it didn't take me long at all!

1X Blue Green Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Blue Violet Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Light Blue Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Green Origami Paper 6      $2.75 plus shipping    Total: $19.63

1X Mango Yellow Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Blue Violet Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Light Purple Origami Paper 6      $2.75
1X Light Green Paper 6      $2.75 plus shipping  Total: $19.63

6 x Jewelry essentials 30 piece 16 mm faceted acrylic jewels    approx $3.00 Total approx $36.

Had on hand:
2 small and 1 large Avery glue stick
Hot glue gun
Hot glue

Total cost: Approximately $65.