February 16th, 2012


Invitations and timing

Now that we've hit the two month mark, we've started to realize that this thing is real.

And what better way to learn to accept what we can't control than having a bit of a mix up on invitations.

We met with our graphic designer (who is also a good friend) on January 11. We showed her a few examples of what we liked (basically old broadsheet style invitations), and we discussed the basic color scheme of the wedding (peacock).  And when I showed her the Wai-Ching dresses, she clicked on what she thought would be perfect for us.  We thought we'd want the invitations out by Valentine's day, so they should go to the printer by maybe the first week of February.   She was on a deadline for another project, and wouldn't be able to free up time for us until the last week of January.  No problem. In the meantime, we put together the wording of what we wanted.

On January 26, she got back to us with the first mock ups of the invitations, and they were just breathtakingly beautiful, especially what she did with our names. We had a few edits, and they went out to the printer on February 1.   Last Friday, we were told that they were drying, and should be ready for pickup on Monday. We got them on Tuesday.

And holy crap they are gorgeous.  She essentially made the paper look like it was dip dyed, similar to the way that Chrissy Wai Ching does with the dresses.  And she used amazing paper, which had to be glued onto card stock, which is why it took forever to dry.  The inserts and the invitations were of the same sort of paper, but the RSVP cards were of regular card stock.  The whole ensemble is almost 2 ounces, and the invitation feels like it's substantial. It's really amazing.

But of course, there are hiccups. First, the RSVP card was a little too small to qualify as a postcard.  I think it's 4"x3" and it has to be 5"x3.5"  Fortunately we caught that pretty quickly, so the order for RSVP envelopes was put in almost as soon as we saw the issue. But that meant that we don't know what the final postage will be for the invitation set as a whole until the RSVP envelopes get here. (tonight, apparently).

I started addressing envelopes as soon as I got the invitations back on Tuesday night.  And fortunately, Graham started stuffing the components that we did have yesterday morning.  And we're so glad that he did, because it turns out there weren't enough invitations or insert cards.  I think we're short something like 70 invitations and 10 insert cards.  The invitations are THICK. A stack of ten in the envelope with the insert and RSVP card is about an inch tall.  So we thought that maybe we just missed picking up a box, because it looks like there are more than there usually are.  We called the graphic designer, who called the printer, who said "whoops..." Apparently, we'll get the rest of the invitations on Friday.

I finished addressing everything this morning, and I'll head over to the post office to buy stamps for the RSVP cards later on today.  We're holding off on the stamps for the invitations until we get the RSVP cards because we don't know what final postage will be.  I am hoping that can all happen tomorrow.

So all in all, I'm guessing that we'll be a week late getting our invitations out.  We're still eight weeks away from the wedding, and this isn't a major disaster or anything close to it. But it's the first of what I assume will be a series of hiccups that jar us from our carefully planned out schedule.