January 23rd, 2012


Doing it myself

I made 67 origami flowers this weekend. I'd ordered 400 sheets of paper, thinking that it'd take me until at least March to make that many. I started on Friday while reading a long .pdf at work, and then kept going. Once I got into the groove, it turned out to be quite easy. Knocked out a good hunk of season 3 of the X-Files while doing it. Since Graham was DJing on Saturday night, I just sat with Celosa and folded. I think by the end of the day today, I'll have them all done. I ordered another 400 sheets. It's not exactly bank breaking crafting.

Sitting in my dining room are something like 120 8 inch wide, 12 inch long double triangles that I cut out of three different fabrics. I still yet have to iron them, and then I'll tack them onto a length of twine every 12 inches or so to make fabric banners. It'll end up being something like 200 feet of banners.

I have four saris that are more or less in my wedding colors. I'm going to cut them into squares (the length of however wide saris are), and they will go on top of the paper tablecloths I get for the round tables. Hopefully the pinking shears will make it so I don't have to hem them, but I suspect I'll be sewing a lot of straight lines in the next few weeks.

My mother and I between us have enough glass vases and bowls to cover most tables for flowers. I also have 50 peacock feathers and just found a line on some inexpensive ostrich feathers. With the ranch growing flowers and the origami flowers, the tables should be pretty well centerpiece-ed. Also, since Graham and I are redoing a path to our front door in gravel, we're using that gravel to lock in the flowers instead of buying any fancy marbles or other stones.

I bought a bunch of herb seeds, and I'll start them next month. They'll be put in a bunch of small pots, and people can take them away with them if the wish.

I found an awesome site that will do laser cutting for me. And this month, their cardboard is free, so all you have to pay is the cutting cost. I want to teach myself Inkscape this week and try a few prototypes for a lighting project I want to do for the wedding. If it works, it could be quite awesome. I might have to mess with a few fonts to make them more stencil-y, but I hope this is something that works out as well as I envision it.